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Crown Jewel Comfort

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kyba274, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Ive discovered something annoying but interesting lately.
    While i normally wear kevlar jeans, I've been doing a bit of squidding lately due to short distance trips and high temperatures.

    Wearing the jeans, there's no problem about balls being squished when braking, or any real sitting comfort.

    With shorts, I'm really uncomfortable while riding and cant seem to position them properly. It gets far worse when braking...
    Therefore it must be the scrunching up of the jeans at the front while sitting down, that somehow spreads the force and positions the crown jewels properly and comfortably...

    Just a random observation id thought id share.
  2. Underwear seems are terrible some times, get seemless / go commando.
  3. oohhhh!! tried that once ... "the boys" suffered second degree tank slap
  4. Oh my god...you men!

    Yr a crack up!
  5. lololol
  6. What's worse is you hard brake and in the process of sliding you slide on top of them a bit.
  7. that's normal riding position on my bike :'( trying to adjust yourself whilst riding is rather difficult too
  8. I grab the tank with my knees & don't seem to have the problems the rest of you have.
    Maybe you need to have them removed!!!:rofl:
  9. wasn't there a thread on balls being squashed recently??
  10. draggins slide down the tank for me (doesn't help having a forward sloping seat)
    stomp/techspec are next on the shopping list
  11. come to melbourne. it's cold all year 'round. you'll never squid again and your crown jewels will shrink to a more manageable size ;)