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Crown casino chaplain??? Oh the irony.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, May 26, 2011.

  1. Just got emailed this article http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/casino-chaplain-rails-against-religion-of-luck-20110525-1f4e3.html

    I had a good old chuckle.

    Coming from crowns casinos anglican chaplain

  2. I dont get whats so funny about it? hes pretty spot on though.
  3. Oh the irony!
  4. Yes, but you are a person of faith, so I don't expect you to see the irony.
  5. that is funny.
  6. James Grant, such a card.
  7. Yeah really don't see the irony or humour in this...maybe I'm missing something.

    I work there btw
  8. I can see the irony. Sometimes I really dislike being cynical even though I wouldn't change it if I had the chance.

    Azn: If you subscribe to the idea of election, if not luck what would you call it? grace? sure, but there there is also pure luck involved on our part. We definitely get something for nothing as well.
  9. Put it this way, a punter relying on luck in a casino give you a 50/50 chance of success. Way better odds than a diety existing. What this guy is saying is that punters are beleiving in something that does not exist, but in his misguided mind what he does not realise is that he is doing exactly the same thing.

    I love the term "secular diety" as well. An oxymoron that only religious pratt could coin.
  10. take me to your casino
  11. Each time you bet, you can either win or loose.
  12. That's not 50/50 for christ sake TRA, how long ago was basic maths for you? The lowest house edge as far as I am aware is ~2% on blackjack I think, but even that is bullshit. 99 people have to lose for one to win, trust me, I've been doing this for a year and half day in day out. You step through the doors, you lose
  13. Which equals a 50:50 chance does it? You should go back to your high school and have a chat to them about your math teacher and his/her continuing employment.

    By that logic you have the same odds with religion. Each time you pick one, you can either win or loose.
  14. Flip a coin, whats your chances of a head?

    Actually, with most card games in the casino its 50/50. With black jack you can sway it 1% in your favour. With pokies its actually much higher, about 80-90% in your favour.

    With relegion, pretty much 0% chance of a diety.
  15. The only way any casino game is 'in your favour' is from the perspective of a compulsive gambler - you do it in order to lose.
  16. If you are like Dustin Hoffman's character in Rainman you could swing blackjack in your favour, but you'll soon find your self on a world-wide banned list. Roulette is something like 47/53 from memory (red/black - assuming only a single zero and not the American style 0 and 00 wheels)

    Not really casino related, but if you do the time and learn it, horse racing can be rewarding (and to a rare few _very_ rewarding)

    I'm not up to his level (yet :))

    Agree with your last comment though.
  17. Not at all. The problem occurs with successive bets. Take a poker machine, 90% theoretical return to player ratio. Beleive it or not, it actually does return 90% of its turnover. Problem is people continue to bet till they eventually lose it all. This is how the house makes money.
  18. ](*,)

    Pokies may well return 90% _overall_, but to achieve that negative return you'd have to play continuously - the wins are for varied amounts - a few big ones and mostly very small ones.
  19. As with all statistics it only gets accurate with the more data you collect. So over time you will lose 10% of your investment.

    When I say 50/50, that is the chances of any win on a single bet. The chances of winning back your wagered amount is obviously very different. The chances of successive wins is even less.
  20. So if i randomly generate a number between 1 and 5, with 1,2,3,4 meaning i get your money, do you still believe you have a 50% chance of winning?