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Crown Casino CCTV Hacked $33million taken from high rollers.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Embarrassing for Crown Casino. Their Close Circuit TV network has been hacked and used to reveal card players hands to their competitors. Over $33million taken. Very damaging to their reputation in the high roller world. Surprising little to no coverage in the Aussie Press.

  2. they caught the guy....apparently they got their money back otherwise they wouldn't have "escorted him out of the casino" but I think they were investigating staff and security footage as they believed there was inside involvement

    saw it on the news I think yesterday morning

  3. I'll give you a hint, who runs the press and who runs the casino?
  4. I'm guessing you meant to say casino.
  5. Just using their convention, they advertise themselves with a capital for the casino and that is the structure of their registered business name. Even dear old Auntie uses this convention.

    But I take your point. ;)
  6. It wouldn't be a bad way for Packer to pay less than $10 tax again this year.........

    Hire an insider - make a one-time large loss, on insured money............reclaim it under the table...........never balance the reclaim formally on the books.....

    Everyone wins......well - at least in Packer's mind.......
  7. It wasn't hacked, an employee gave them the footage. Crown is always super sketchy with information in these situations, even we don't know the full story.
  8. it was on the news the other night.. and an article was available the other day... very small amount of details on WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    its all speculation and i doubt we'll never hear the full story...

    they let the high roller go home so... must of got the money back..
  9. Well I work there so I have a better chance than most to hear the actual goings-on
  10. yeh you mentioned that in another post, please let us know if you find any info out.. i'm intrigued in this story.

    been searching for facts but come up with nothing.
  11. Like I said, they're sketchy as hell with details so we take anything we hear with a grain of salt. Only thing that I've heard from multiple people is that the staff member who gave them access to the cameras was fired. And Crown hasn't got the money back afaik, they're just 'confident' they can. Probably send some goons around in the dead of night or something :sneaky:
  12. do you know what game the high roller was playing?
  13. Oh jesus, and you are still sane (apparently)?

    I spent three years there. I also spent almost three years working behind the public bar of a country pub. Guess which place I saw the worst of human behaviour?
  14. meh no tears for those casino crooks...................all these casinos are nothing more than legal criminals (excluding your average joe workers)
  15. The Buffet table in Crown?
  16. Happy to see the casino get ripped off, the amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$ it takes from the punters is huge, and their mates in parlament look after them with great lease options.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I read that crown pay $1.00 per year in rent.
  17. I'd actually heard it was Baccarat, but the article says poker, so just goes to show what rumours are worth. Although I find it strange that it was poker because a play leaving at any point would change the cards *shrug*

    Yeah it's a hard place to stay level, I've had a lot of issues since I started in '09, but haven't found other work so stuck for now.

    Hard to say, both filled with entitled douchebags with far too much money. Country club would probably have the most casual horrible behaviour, Crown would have the most open and aggressive.
  18. I've gotten used to blaming humanity instead of the casinos themselves, they're arseholes but it's not their fault the market exists. I do my best to discourage problem gambling but people just don't want to listen. Thing is, we don't lie about what we do, what the place exists for, people just fool themselves into thinking otherwise, without any assistance from us. People would just gamble in their backrooms if they weren't around.

    Sorry never heard of anything about that, but you should be blaming the government in the first place. Every single tiny aspect of Crown is governed and approved by the government, from payouts to the very arm movements dealers make. It's absurd.

    And again RE: amount of money 'taken', it's given mate, we don't make people walk in the door. As above, blame humanity itself.
  19. Pffft. That's like saying we should, as individuals and all types of groups, act responsibly and maturely instead of expecting the government to look after everything, then whinging (not taking action, just whinging) when said government looks after something in a way we don't like.

    Nah, teh govmints need to sort out that consino and its evilz.
  20. baccarat would make more sense than poker...

    keep posting info as you get it, even if its rumors..