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Crotch Rocket

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Unconnected, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. So today was another good day in my life because today i picked up this very battle scarred but mechanically sweet 1988 VFR400R NC24, from ad91on on here.

    First things first, this bike is fast, very fast for a lams bike, it sounds amazing with its V4 engine and straight cut gear driven cams, and is so flick-able its insane. For those that are not aware, the VFR400R is not supposed to be lams legal, however someone at the RTA confused it for a RVF400, and approved it, its guestimated that it has around 65+ hp and at least 40 torques.

    Took it for a run up to old road today, amazing bike, though its been weird getitng used to a full fairing compared to my previous naked, very trippy not having the gauges move when you steer. Its also a big change from the smooth and slow hornet with its fat tires, to pin sharp lightning quick direction changes.

    I have big plans for this bike:
    1. Dyno and tune up to make sure its running sweet
    2. repairs to the fairing, including patching some holes, bit of bondo and then a full sand and respray.
    3.takamii tron wheels, red at the back and blue at the front (HRC colours)
    4. random billit crap, such as levers, master cylinder, perhaps grips and bar ends.
    5. refurbishment of suspension (maybe) new fork springs and new rear shock
    6. retrim of seat and probably new foam and such.

    the bike already has braided lines, xenon headlight and bigger carbys. so really i just want it to look the way it did when it rolled out of honda 24 years ago with a few nice modern touches with the random billt crap and takamii tron bling bling.

    Sorry for the night shot, ive been riding all day but i gave it a quick wash (white wheels -](*,) and used some basic wet look car polish (really needs a cut first though) and the colour actually come out quite nicely, especially the tank.

    Here is a picture of a factory fresh one of the same year and model. it is the goal.

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  2. Would you just LOOK AT THAT BEAST.
  3. Whoever sold it to you must be a total dude.

    My favourite bit includes the structural occy strap and the "personalised" fairings :p
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  4. That's going to be a great project restoring that badass little bike, make sure you take plenty of pics!

  5. man I want a VFR400 now
  6. dude i just looked on bikesales and every VFR400 for sale there is listed as learner approved. lulwut??
  7. Maybe they have finally been added to the LAMs list? or too much wishful thinking?

    I mean the VFR only has a tad more power than RVF...so not sure how that works.
  8. yeah but RVF is so bloody borderline... i suppose the VFR would have to be slightly heavier, too.
  9. While i dont know how bikesales works, perhaps when ad910n listed the VFR on bikesales as learner legal, because this specific one is, and then it affected the entire range and listed them all as legal.
    either way its not on the lams list when i checked.
  10. Just looked at the NSW list, current as of 11 April. No VFR listed.
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  11. sweet, I feel better about wanting one now :D
  12. Took it out again today, brought the Dslr along for the ride as well to get some pictures, **** this bike just keeps getting better, the amount of torque and power it has compared to my old hornet is amazing.

    Sadly :( i was being stupid today on my way home and attempted an old trick that i had with my hornet, and that is: engaging first while simultaneously being on the rear brake when the bike is stopped on a hill and you cant be bothered to use the perfectly good front brakes (i.e. no feet on the ground at 0kph). Doing this on the hornet was fine, it was such a light bike that even if it started to fall you could always catch it.

    VFR400R not so much, and so we had our first drop today no damage was caused besides a broken clutch lever and my pride (id never dropped a bike in my life before today).

    Nevertheless, awesome bike. Inside my head all i can hear is the whine of its cams.
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    nah jokes, looks great polished up. :D mmmmm exhaust looks nice and polished now. So glad someone with the time can pamper this bike now.

    BTW, with the lams thing, they aren't listed as LAMS and most sellers acknowledge that on carsales saying they don't know why it is coming up as learner approved.

    Oh and for the new clutch lever, it has teh same levers as the hornet/CBR250RR so ebay them. I would get a matching brake lever while you were at it too!
  14. yeah i felt really bad about dropping it, earlier on i decided to gamble on fuel and then started spluttering as i merdged onto the F3 at wyong. Was a long nervous ride to next petrol station, but the bike got me there!

    then i dropped it.
    im a such a bad guy.
  15. #15 Ljiljan, Apr 23, 2012
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    You understand what I meant now about the fat tyres I think? You will enjoy this bike and it will take care of you if you take care of it. Have fun.

    Regarding fuel I find reserve came at about 12l on a 17l tank. Should get about 200 km before reserve.

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  16. OLD ROAD
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  17. Oh baby... oh yeah....

    Fark all power-rangered up there hahaha. Dropped the rego label in your letter box today btw.
  18. Power ranger for the win. Its the leather pants oh yeah.

    Sick one on the rego, i had the old one behind the occy strap but i lost it on the F3 :( so i had no rego and only a plate on old road.

    EDIT: shit i need to polish that collector box, but dam that will be a biatch/impossible with out disassembly
  19. Looking good. I wish we had photographers up here.
  20. Mmmm yes, gotta have the collector box nice and shiny for wheelies and extreme cornering. Bitches love shiny collector boxes.