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Crossing the Great Divide and Cruisin the other side

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cruisin4abruisin, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Ok. As most of you are aware, I have had my bike for a while now and have been getting comfy on it both locally and in town. Now, its time for a tour. So for those that dont know, my bike is a 2012 BMW GS 650 Sertao. Equipped with genuine Motorrad Top box and panniers. Ill map the routes out and share them here with you all. More to come soon. Bike pics below.
    With full tour set up.
    With just the top box.
    Ill talk at ya soon, ride safe.-Rick

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  2. Everytime I see those panniers they remind me of something that I saw on the Inbetweeners......for those that are familiar with the show. They will get this quote:
  3. IMAG0178.
    Ok, so heres Day 1, Leave Benalla, head to Yea, fuel stop and a strech of the legs. Onward across the slide to Coldstream, bacon n egg roll at the roadhouse. Across through Wandin and into Seville, turn off, take a back road or 2 and come out at Yellingbo. Then onto Pakenham via Cokatoo. Possible fuel stop at Pakenham Upper. Then Koo-Wee-Rup, Lang Lang (after a coffee break at Caldermeade Farm cafe). and then onto the South Gippy Huighway and head round past Loch and into Korumburra and a hop step n a jump and Ill land in Leongatha. I am antiucpating it will be possibly 5.5 hours (indc plenty of breaks and photo ops.)
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  4. Day 2:
    A shorter ride (with a mate thats borrowing a big 1200 DL Zook from his work.) This should be a reasonable ride and again plenty of stops for pics etc along the way. After all, I need to show you all that I am having a blast right? More to come when I have it planned. IMAG0172.
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  5. Whats the roads like from Healesville to Benalla Thinking of going back up that way when I come back from Tassie in November.
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  6. Living the dream!! Enjoy :)
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  7. Good job mate, although if you haven't done this yet and this is still plan format, maybe consider adding Black Spur (from Healesville) to Marysville and then Reeftun Spur through to Warburton as these are excellent rides. Will certainly add some time to your day but I'd think worth it!
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  8. Out of Healesville you are straight onto the Black Spur which is wonderful but heavily policed. From Narbethong to Yarck it's scenic but not especially exciting. At Merton you've got the choice of taking the faster but very boring Midland Highway to Benalla, or go the much more interesting route through Strathbogie and come out at Violet Town via Harrys Creek Road. This section requires a little respect.
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  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the input. My girlfriend lives in Alexandra, so the black spur isn't an unknown to me. I had good reason for going over the slide due to the fact that I am a returning rider. I am looking into going back via the spur, Ill just see how my confidence is, don't want to bite off more than I may be able to chew. If I was to "get it wrong" then Id reckon the spur is where I would go wrong. That being said, I am being positive and not "riding for a fall", just being realistic is all about my abilities at this point.
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  10. I'd suggest rather than going through Pakenham and heading to the South Gippsland HWY that you go from Warrigul to Korumburra via the Warringl Korumburra Road, and maybe explore that area a bit, there are some great roads around there.
  11. Cheers Pompy, might do that, last time I went that way, I was driving a stock truck!
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    Going from Healesville to Benella via Yea is quite nice. Not much twisty's, but much better than the Hume.

    So when is this epic to happen ? If the timing works, I'd meet you at Yea or Coldstream and maybe ride with you down towards Loch.
    Unless you decide to go the back way then maybe go to Warrigul or Drouin.
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  13. In a couple of weeks! On a Tue sday
  14. No good, I'll be working. :)
    I'd hoped it might be a Saturday or Sunday.
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  15. If I was planning it I'd change your day 1 route to include Whitfield to Mansfield, Eildon to Jamieson, and the Black Spur.
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  16. Thank you Stever42
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  17. Stever42Stever42 bugger! MonkeyUrineMonkeyUrine not a bad thought, might do that run on the return trip, will see how I am fairing.
  18. The part from Healesville to Leongatha is a bit boring after Cockatoo. The more interesting way is through Launching Place, Powelltown and Neerim South etc. If you don't want to do that, the Launching Place Gembrook Rd is good and it rejoins the Rd to Pakenham.
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  19. Cheers, I'll have a look. Is that Dalry rd you are talking about?
  20. Yep. Take it through to Don Rd and left on the Warburton Hwy. (If you take Don Rd from Healesville I don't think its made all the way. My bike doesn't like the dirt so I've never tried.) Then turn in Yarra Junction. Think there's petrol in Noojee but I usually get through to Warragul. The Warragul Korumburra Rd is good! Worth having a breather before you get onto it. If you turn right on the warby, its pretty much the next left down to Gembrook. (There's a veggy shop on the corner)
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