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Crossing the country, hmm Panigale it is

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Stigy, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. So, I figured what's the best way to get to know my nice shiny 1199. Go for a 6 month ride across the country, turn around and come back again ...

    Then I woke up :( Well unfortunately it's not my story, but it is a really damn cool story, so I thought I'd share. I just warn you, if you almost sort of ish could afford a Panigale, and you've got some serious leave piling up, then you may not want to read this or you'll be on your way.

    Short highlights:

    The thread:

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  2. Thanks for the links! That sounds like an awesome trip. The dude's a decent writer, too. (just finished page four of the forum thread..)
  3. What a legend! That's how you do a trip, none of this ugly soft c0ck Ventura rack and a Charlie Boorman wanna be bike
  4. Been following it on Adventure Rider
  5. Thanks Stigy, you just wasted my night.

    But, as Bertrand Russell said, the time that you enjoy wasting is never wasted time! :)

  6. fcuk, it is when you have a 9am Interview tomorrow and it's 2am :ROFLMAO: Up to page 22!
  7. Oh man, You have to read his story about Detroit. I went for training to Ann Arbor, MI for my last job and i decided to visit American Loan and Jewelry (from the Pawn TV show). My GPS decided to switch to "kill owner mode" and sent me down 7th & 8th Mile Detroit, which I did in a brand new 2013 Chrysler 300 (gangsta's choice) rental car. Trust me, it's as bad as his pictures & story portray it to be. I was very quickly into the store to buy a t-shirt, straight back to the car and on my way back to mom & pop Ann-Arbor. Love this thread!
  8. Yeah, Detoilet is a warzone alright. Jeremy Clarkson had a terrifying time there, IIRC.
  9. Sorry guys, the warning about the hours to be spent reading was in my first writing of the post, before it got lost :(

    I'm only up to about page 19, it's great.
  10. Finished it this morning, I only read the OP's comments. No offense to the other posters, but his writing style was so good it made it very hard to read the other comments. I was very impressed, in the latter pages he goes very deep into some of his feeling and thoughts and they resonated strongly with me. A+++ shits life changing.
  11. Yeah, I'm just reading OP's posts too. Wish there was a filter button. I've read the Detroit bit now, OMG. I've been wondering about he security of his bike at night, but that is just insane :eek:
  12. Being a big fan of post apocalyptic movies, I actually found Detroit very fascinating (been around there, but never toured around like he did). I think something is up with the story, He details his getaway, but it sounds like part of it's missing. Check this out here: http://advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=19460167&postcount=358 Someone has quote him... Seems he deleted it? I couldn't find that post.
  13. Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Luckily the quote fills in the blanks for us.
  14. I'm up to page 58. It's fascinating.
  15. I finshed the whole thing earler today and found it most interesting. Very deep in parts and particularly thought provoking.

    Brave thing to do but a true jouney of discovery. Now where's that map.....
  16. Rob, ditch the map and just go :riding:
  17. Did the first 20 pages or so. Well written, thoughtful & interesting. :)
  18. Good Stigy.
    Thats exactly what i think,if you enjoy the challengers and the bike,you can ride whatever you like anywhere,the bike doesnt have to fit the agenda.
    Friend of mine road from Melb to Alice Springs on a Ducati 749,very inspiring.
  19. This ride & report has really got me thinking about doing a road trip somewhere.