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Crossing the Channel in a "Poo Canoe"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Crossing the Channel in a 'poo canoe'
    Monday, July 20, 2009 » 02:50am

    Two men are planning to cross the English channel in a canoe made from sheep's manure.

    The 5.5 metre 'poo canoe' is built from sheep droppings mixed with recycled paper and a flour water paste.

    It's sealed with beeswax and a soya bean extract.

    Lez Paylor and Lawrence Toms built the canoe and tested it out in Lake Bala, in Snowdonia National Park.

    They managed to keep it afloat, but they were dismayed to find a large wet patch afterwards.

    As a result, the adventure has been delayed by six weeks and the canoe has been sent to the workshop to receive another layer of poo.

    The pair plan to raise funds for the Welsh Air Ambulance, and hope to raise 1 pence for every sheep in Wales, of which there are an estimated 11,978,590.

  2. guess they won't need a paddle...
  3. Baaad idea.

  4. they were dismayed to find a large wet patch afterwards.

    Welshmen and sheep - not swurprising.

    :roll: :LOL:
  5. I suppose that if they're out at sea and it springs a leak they could always do a ewe turn.
  6. How do you think the canoe would hold up if it was rammed?
  7. Do you think the canoe is real or are they just trying to pull the wool over our eyes??
  8. I thought the water looked a bit choppy.

  9. These puns are awsome, but I am a little sheepish because I cant think of one to throw in. I was going to try fleece one from the net but I had no luck there.
  10. BAM
  11. nice
  12. It's no surprise the first prototype's results weren't down pat. It's to be expected.

    No.2's should be better.

    A Metamucil-reinforced hull should produce a better floater, though maybe not as good as fiberglass.

    I wonder if they'll have trouble on the day of the actual attempt? They mightn't be able to go while everyone's watching.

    I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end.
  13. ...sound like a load of dags to me!!.....
  14. nothing new, growing up swimming at maroubra beach, before they built the deep ocean outfall there were tonnes of poo canoes drifting in the surf :busting:
  15. Not to be confused with the Pokemon character Pukanu.
  16. This thread was made for WayneD.