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Crossing Over From Harley to Naked???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RainMann, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. G'day all,
    RainMann has decided to sell his Harley.

    See the bikes for sale thread


    This is mainly for financial reasons, I just find that having a bike like that, and trying to do uni doesn't fit for now. Also where I live I don't think its secure enough.
    I am going to advertise my 2005 XL883 Sportster Custom, with 14700 on the clock for $12000.

    I will buy another bike, probably a mid range naked, I'll advertise and sell, and buy after my exams. I want to save a few grand for uni books, rent, etc

    Don't get me wrong, I love Harley's, but at the moment its not practical for me to own one. I'll probably buy one again in a few years when I got more money.

    Anyway I haven't put it up on bikesales or bikepoint yet, I got exams at the moment and i need to take more photos.

    See my thread in the Bikes for Sale, and pm me for any questions.
    If you want to see the bike, I live in Heidelberg, Melb, and If you're local, I can come to you AFTER 22nd June

  2. If anything i would just say advertise it as "good" condition. Because it is, a little dent usually is not off putting to a new buyer, because bikes do fall over at 0km/h. its usually big scratches, big dents and cracked fairings that people go "hey wait a second" about.
  3. (/me goes along with the thread to validate the play of creating a thread to advertise the sale :p)

    Any idea what kind of nekkid would work for you? Certainly could pick up something like a Hornet 600 for half the money from the Harley or so, which would be a lot cheaper to run and register.
  4. It's hard to make a logical decision when your heart says exactly the opposite, isn't it? Still, I'm sure this is the right thing to do; when you have your degree and are earning squillions, you can buy a fleet of 'em, can't you?
  5. yeah thanks guys. if i ever finish my course i'll have a garage full of bikes, a harley, a duke999, a zx14 and probably a dirt bike.

    but for the moment i'll settle with a good little commuter,
    i like nakeds, i like twins, and my budget is around 7-8000 so maybe a sv650 or something.
    still gotta do a bit more homework on what to buy next.
    i just want something reliable, quick to get from a to b. i've survived without a car for about 4 years and never looked back.
  6. I thought basic harley parts were affordable? Many harley riders aren't rich.

    If you think japanese parts are cheap you're dreaming. Even for low end models, how does $200 for factory mirrors sound? $60 for a clutch cable etc.

    Servicing and maintenance on a harley should be cheaper than most mid-range jap bikes too? They're a simple and rugged design.
  7. Hey Rainmann,
    I think you probably know a dude who might be able to salvage a Spada together for you.... if he hasn't already tried :p :LOL:
  8. Service costs are pretty reasonable, and the interval is 8000km. Actually, my Harley should cost less over time in servicing compared to my scooter, where the service interval is 4000km.

    I understand the security issue, because these bikes will draw attention wherever they are parked. Parts can be expensive, unless you buy from the US.

    Instead of a ~600 commuter, why not go with a 250? If you pick the right one, the max hp should be similar to the 883, and you'd probably save on rego/insurance as well.
  9. Ah yes spadaman... well i have always liked spada's, and at least i know parts wouldn't be a problem.

    Basic servicing is not to bad, but if it was dropped or tipped over it is very expensive to fix. New bars, indicators or foot pegs are too $$$.
    But the main reason is the security issue. I mean I ride it everywhere, and I always have people looking and touching (when I'm not there), and I've often come back to find fingerprints on the fuel tank. My last bike, a Honda was tipped over by some jealous as*hole. When I lived in footscray someone tried to steal the Harley by jamming a screwdriver in the ignition, and whenever I start her, I have people looking over my fence. I like people admiring my bike, but all it takes is for me to be out somewhere, and some loser knocking or tipping it over etc.

    I just think at this stage I should be riding a bike that I can afford to insure and fix if the worst might happen. If I drop the Harley, I'm up for big bucks, if I dropped a little jap bike I know people who can fix them, plastic weld, respray etc. Harleys have steel, where Jap bikes have plastic, its alot easier and cheaper to fix plastic fairings.

    If I could afford another bike, I'd keep it, and have two, but at this stage I just want a commuter.
    I will buy another Harley, (probably the same model) in a few years when I re-enter the workforce full time.