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Crossing Borders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ghope, May 1, 2005.

  1. Hey

    I was wondering as to what happens if you are on your L's in Victoria and then cross the NSW border...does that mean I have to do 80km max as their learners do? Or can I still drive like I was in Victoria?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. The latter.
  3. I have a feeling you'll find it's the former. Same as with the exhaust regs, if you're in NSW then you have to comply with NSW laws and regs. So a Victorian learner will need to travel at no more than 80 km/h.
  4. Not 100% sure about Ls but I know with Ps you obey restrictions placed on your licence according to the state in which you have that licence.

    The NSW restrictions are a restriction on holders of an NSW L permit or P licence and that isn't what you hold.

    Don't know what the deal is with the exhaust regs though.
  5. This from http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrne/vrlsiteifpmb.nsf/DisplayNoticeboard?ReadForm

    I'm still hunting out specific reference from the RTA, but by the looks of this it's alluding to Learners needing to comply with the learner restrictions of the state they are riding/driving in.

    Are L platers allowed to drive in different states and are you allowed to have a trailer on the car and can you have passengers in the back??

    Vikitoria, Aged 15

    Learners are allowed to drive in all Australian states but you should contact the state you intend driving in to see if they have any specific restrictions (for example, speed restrictions). Learners are not allowed to tow trailers. There are no restrictions on passengers, however VicRoads 'Getting There From Ls to Ps' guide advises learners to only consider carrying back seat passengers once they have had an extensive amount of learner experience. It is also not advisable to carry back seat passengers under difficult and challenging driving situations, eg. when it's wet or dark. Back seat passengers can be distracting and when you're learning to drive you need to focus all your attention on the driving task.

    You should read the Road to Solo Driving or 'What you need to know' on this site which has all the information learner drivers need to know.
  6. When i was on Learners in the car, i looked at moving to Sydney (spent some time up there staying with an aunt)
    I was told by both victorian and nsw authorities at the time that i had to follow the rules of whichever state i was in, which meant i could only drive at 80km/h.
    However this was 7 or so years ago.

    Best idea, phone Vic Roads and actually speak with someone (there is a section where you can ask them questions like that)
    You dont want to risk getting in trouble when your on your learners.


  7. hmmm. dales signature is weird. i drove with a trailer on my car Ls and none of the cops who drove past pulled me over. guess they were lazy. as for speed limits, i'm pretty sure NSW learners have to stick to the 80 speed limit in other states. i guess it'd be safe to go at 80 if you're on your Ls and in NSW. saves any hassle if the cops pull you up.
  8. Some would say it's not just my signature that's weird.

    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. ohhh. woops. sorry dale! i just realised it wasn;t the signature. that big question and answer thing since it said L platers aren't allowed to tow trailers and i do/did. i'm probably actually not allowed to. woops. and now i read it you're and underdog agent! i'll be purchasing a pair of those fine leathers at christmas time i beleive. they look good, i've heard they're good and they're fairly cheap so thats wear my money will be going! don't like that bike shop stuff.
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  13. To each their own.

  14. gotta love buying decent stuff that was stitched together by some poor asian person who works for 50 cents an hour! (not suggestin underdog would do that dale, but i reckon everything that comes out of asia and the subcontinent is slave-labour produced) and dale, do you know when the next order is going out or do you just send it when you meet a certain number of orders?
  15. Some time ago we had a young bloke on L's in NSW going on one of our tours and we checked with the Vic Govt as he was under 17. At the time you had to be older in Victoria to get your L's than in NSW. We were informed that it would be illegal for him to ride in Victoria with his NSW L's as he was technically underage in Vic. I don't know if that still applies.
  16. I think it does, each state reserves the right to apply their own laws exclusively. eg an 18 year old american can drink here even though it is illegal in the US, and so on.
  17. can anyone else log onto underdog-leathers.com? all i'm getting is a page saying the domain name has expired :?:
  18. Lot of confusion on this one. The actual laws (at least when I was a car-learner, some 5-6 years ago) stated that learners obeyed the laws of their permit-issuing state (thus, I was never pulled over in many trips to Sydney on my Ls for doing 110km/h).

    However, once you are licensed, you need to obey the laws governing each state. This is the interesting bit - because this means that your supervising driver needs to obey the laws of the state you're driving in, but the learner does not. Thus, when you're in NSW, the supervising driver must be under 0.02 BAC, but in VIC (at the time) the supervisor could have any BAC. In fact, until a recent change in the laws, a supervising driver in VIC was required only to be seated in the passenger seat of the car.

    Never mind if they were in a coma, as long as they were licensed. :p Naturally, they've since amended said law, although I don't know what it states now.

    For those interested, this was discussed with VIC Police, NSW Police, RACV and VicRoads.
  19. It now states that the supervising driver must be in a fit state to drive; that encompasses all of the 0.05 BAC, drug use, not asleep, etc etc.
  20. Ive had my L's here in Canberra for 3 months, and was told that when going over the border into NSW made no difference to my speed restrictions (I could still go 110 on the freeways when NSW Learners were restricted to 80 k's). But I went for my P's yesterday (Passed finally :p ) and the instructor informed me that legislation passed in NSW very recently, in the last week or two, restricting Learner drivers from any state to the 80km speed limit. I did a search and found this http://www.urbanservices.act.gov.au/Files/media/august/dusmr020805advicefordrivers.pdf
    Just extra unneeded distractions for L platers IMO :?