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Crossing at lights with a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, May 31, 2010.

  1. To the guy this evening in the rain, at the intersection of Beecroft Road and Pennant Hills road, crossing at the lights (he pushed the button) and pushing his motorcycle alongside him - hope you're okay.

    I think you were on your L's - I couldn't get to the side of the road cause it was near impossible. Looked funny though :p

  2. He was crossing at the crossing with his motorbike?
  3. Yup. Musta broken down or something! Or he's never ridden in the rain - hehe :p
  4. That's the ultimate fair weather rider. Stops riding and starts pushing mid ride because of rain.
  5. I lol'd a fair bit at that :applause:

    I am hoping he didn't forget to check the kill switch.
  6. I feel for the guy. I had my bike break down 5 times on the way into work one day. Some electrical fault I later found would cause the battery to cook, and then when it shat itself I would have to wait or walk it for a bit before it cooled down (I did not know that this was the process but the mechanic explained it later) then after it cooled down it would work for a couple of k's, cook it self and stop again.

    During one of the cooling of periods I had to walk the bike along a path next to the road and cross at the lights, in the pissing down rain. After the 5th failure (I was optimistic) I gave up and called the RACV and got it carried back home. The boss was very understanding. :)

    So I feel for the guy.
  7. Im betting the fuel tap was left off. :D
  8. Nothing like pushing a bike a great distance just for someone to point out the kill switch was off or is that on?
  9. Reminds me of my first ride: I pushed my bike half way up an incredibly steep hill having discovered a dead-end at the bottom of it because what I thought was first gear was in fact second. Anyway, on the bright side I have killer calves now!

  10. It is a great way to keep fit. I am tempted to buy some cheap bikes and hire them out to "office professionals" after work to do their daily exercise. Will be the new trend in fitness.
  11. Lol, it's always funny when it's not you. I dropped my bike the first day I got it (stationary drop) & my mate pissed himself laughing at me instead of helping me pick the bike up. Bastard =D>!
  12. Haha..good positive attitude!
  13. The early days can be really confronting. Good thing I got a start on a chookchaser off road. No cars, only my own reticence, overconfidence, reckless gay abandon etc to overcome. By the time I got onto the road I at least had the mechanical and staying upright thing sussed. Then came the roadcraft...........................