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Cross wind....whoa!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mcsenna, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. When I left home all was calm, 2 km down the road the fit hit the shan. The rain came down in buckets and a violent cross wind came in bursts. The rain I could cope with but the bike felt really bad when hit with the wind. I don't remember wind ever having such an effect on the bike as that, maybe in the old days I was riding a much heavier bike.
    I can't think of any other reason, can anyone else? I intend going up in bike weight by 60 kilos soon, will that make much difference? I hope so, that was pretty bloody spooky.

  2. My bike is much more grounded with a full tank of petrol... on low tank it feels all light and squirmy.
  3. Ok hadn't thought of that, having a sail effect.
  4. yep, just relaxe and let the bike dance under your bum. counter steer if you have to.
  5. Buy a monster-problem solved.
  6. 300kg faired bike + strong cross wind = still a problem.
  7. Working on it blab ImageUploadedByTapatalk1344513415.142604.
  8. I might even let you join my Ducati forum when you do.
  9. Fight fire with even more fire!!!
  10. It is really because when you feel the wind you shift your body automatically and then push on the other bar, which countersteers. Just countersteer into the wind and you wont be blown around even on a rs125.
  11. Yeah I get that but this was bursts of wind 5 second duration maybe but strong, maybe I just wasn't reacting fast enough. I wasn't about to fall off it just felt weird.
  12. Looser arms also works to an extent. Then you dont get the incorrect inputs.
  13. There is merit it that, definitely tightened up when the first blasts hit.
  14. No no. [-X
  15. Would be surprised if it doesnt work for a rs, it did for my rgv which is not much heavier, but I have not owned a rs, so i guess ymmv.

    A key skill is also knowing when you will be blown and be ready to countersteer be aware of gaps in tree lines or building etc that are coming up.
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  16. once I was coming back from PI on the east link freeway late at night and it started raining and gusting.. packed enough of a punch that I was literally blown away from my lane.
    Thankfully there were no other cars. It was a really scary experience and needless to say I slowed down. Found that tucking in and shifting my weight forward as well as keeping a loose grip on the bars helped alot.
    You'll still feel the gusts pushing against the bike, but the bike feels a little more stable instead of wanting to veer to the other lanes.
  17. I have the same issue with my GPX. Riding with mates with GS500 and CB400 they seem to able to hold their lines alot easier then me fighting the wind gusts. I guess it's just a thing we have to get used to if we want faired bikes.
  18. Yeah mate, cross winds are taxing on you if you are riding a fair distance.

    Worst part is when you pass something that acts as a wind break, ie.. trees, hedge, semi-trailer. this can throw you right of your game.

    I have ridden in the snow/sleet, rain, extreme heat, hail, dust storm... still reckon the 'cross wind' is the worst.
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