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Cross-over bike (Motard/Enduro)- Suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SHEPPO, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I want to compliment my R1 (eventually will become a track bike) with another toy. The requirements are:

    - Must be a dirtbike/enduro bike, 4 stroke, 450cc+, elec start ideally, 5-6spd.
    - Must be easy to convert to motard with off the shelf parts.
    - Street registered so i can ride it anywhere, anytime, in enduro/motard trim.
    - Must be able to sit on 110km/h without blowing up - longest boring stretch is 30min.
    - 150+km "motard" fuel range. Will consider larger tank for road duties.
    - Reliability (within reason). I dont mind changing oil and adjusting valves, but 1000km+ intervals (when road ridden) would be nice.

    Let the suggestions begin...


  2. How much ya wanna spend? KTM 690R would fit the bill nicely. Husky 610 or the new 630 also. A wee bit porky for really gnarly offroad but will go anywhere a full on enduro will go. A bit more finesse will be required though.
  3. sounds sorta like what im looking for in a tard... ill be paying attention here :)
  4. I asked the same question on dirtbike world

    general consensus seemed to have been wr450f yamaha
  5. Do the yami 450's have the same absurd maintenance and engine life as the hondas, 20 hour filter life with 15 hour piston/ring life?
  6. Not quite as bad as the big H. But anyone wanting reasonable engine life would be changing oil every 500-1000kms. Less than a litre of oil sees to that. That said, there do seem to be some 'tarded WRF's that have knocked up a few km's out there.
    But if you want a degree of performance combined with reliability, then big cube Euro's are about all thats out there. LC4 KTM,s, Husabergs and Husky are about the only 450cc plus available now.
  7. I'm looking at a few euro's this saturday!
  8. That was my concern as well --- geezus rebuild an engine after 15 hours -- that means two weekends of riding
  9. Kato 450/525/5whatever number they're up to.
  10. i have a 2006 wr450f that i converted into a supermoto, its got 13,000km on it and its still running perfect. i used it because i already had it as a dirt bike, but i am very suprised about how reliable it is. i change the oil every 1000 - 1500 kms and thats all the maintenance i have had to do on it since converting. wheelkits are easy to fiind as yamaha had a genuine kit out (which i have) and theres always wheels set up on ebay for sale. ive checked the valves once on it and they were fine. so i havent bothered again. i also have a 16 (i think) litre safari fuel tank that i can put on when i want to cover some distance (over 250km range) and the gearing i have at the moment it can sit on 110 easy and pulls 170 on the flat. plenty enough. my biggest ride i have done in a day is about 700km and that included some highway and most stuff was wide open throttle.

    they still work offroad which is something a ktm690smc won't do. the weight bias is to the rear of the bike, which makes the back swing around too much when sliding off road. you can still ride them with the sm wheels offroad, i have a few vids on youtube with me doing some offroad supermoto.

    if you go by the book servicing on some bikes (my 2008 crf450r) for example, it says a new piston and rings every 10hrs but change the oil every 15 or more. i haven't done a piston and rings on my crf yet and its about 80hrs in i spose, not burning oil either.
  11. the WR450F is my back up plan. if i cant find anything else that takes my fancy, i'll get the yamaha.

    going looking at KTM, Husaberg and Husky on Saturday.
  12. howabout 80hp and 100kg dry 8-[
  13. sorry, i am teasing you.. Aus distributor for Maico only currently supplying MX bikes... maybe tards in future though.. handmade, all the best parts... quite literally 'fully sick mate!

    i'd just get an xt660,.. bomb proof reliable, engine has been around for ever, is used in lots of bikes... service it every 5000k's... aftermarket slip ons sound awesome, as big singles do... just practical really, well geared for commuting, instant torque... freeways not so great, but slap on a screen and good to go... plus they actually have a nice cumfy wide seat.
  14. yes, but unfortunately not arm ripping performance...

    I ride a 04 R1 and a new Tenere.. for me.. the perfect combination.. get my onroad kicks on the R1, and offraod kicks on the Tenere.. I can't (and don't try) keep up with the 450cc etc enduro's offroad.. but that is not what I use it for... I use it for going places my R1 can't get to..

    The 660 motor can be uncorked quite easily to make healthy numbers, but no where near the dedicated euro offroaders.. but for me, reliability is number one on the list with this bike... not performance
  15. #15 boingk, Jul 20, 2010
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    Suzuki DR650:


    Cheap new or secondhand, reliable as a pet rock, and will satisfy road/cruising requirements easily. Whack some 17" rims on from the local parts stocker and you're away. Not as hardcore dirt-oriented as the competition-derived crowd, but you'd definitely be having fun with da boyz.

    - boingk

    EDIT: Geez, almost forgot the DR-Z400E that I rode for a while! That thing was ace around town and not too bad in the bush either. Check 'em both out.
  16. Ive had KTM 690's,Husky 610's,Aprilia SXV 550, Ducati HM's and now a Husky 450 TE but motarded.Depends what you want. Low maintenance and 90% motard fun , try the Husky 610, older KTM 640 , DRZ 400 SM or E, but for the full monty you want 50hp and 110 kg- 450 KTM,Husky, WR etc.husaberg make awesome enduros too and a 570 motard.
    Youve already got a massive road bike, go the light 450 now.
    just my 2c.
  17. I can vouch for the DR650 - I have an 09 motarded\\:D/ and in all seriousness, it is fantastic. They have awsome torque, that's what they are all about, simple maintenance, oil filter and oil every 6k but because im anal, every 3k, fantastic for highway cruising, the engine loves it and best of all, they are absoultely bullet proof - take an axe and see for yourself:p

    They are really a street bike instead of a dirtbike converted to motard, even though they are a dirtbike - if that makes sense?

    Anyway i can't praise them enough as a motard, yeah they don't rev to the moon and back powerslide around every corner, but hay, at least you can keep your valves for longer than 2k.

    And lastly - almost off my soapbox, aftermarker parts are cheap and the gains are fantastic. Add a dynojet kit - $90.00, K&N airfilter - $100.00 and a aftermarket pipe and your done. If you really want to, a big bore kit - 690 with a new cam will set you back $540.00 with same reliability

    Why do they call them a DR? - Dead Reliable:beer:
  18. thanks for the input people. been super busy lately and not had a chance to look at much... but will pull a finger out and do some test rides when the weather clears up.
  19. The DR650 is a pig. Always be a little bit cautious when people start a bike recommendation with 'I have a <fat pig shit bike> and I love it, it's awesome!'. /2c
  20. yeah.

    usually the people who recommend such a bike don't really understand how a proper dirtbike is supposed to work (no offence). dr is not a dirt bike. its an overweight heap of crap. calling it a proper dirtbike would be like calling a tata telcoline a proper 4x4 ute.

    they are boring to ride, the geometry is all messed up and its just not right to ride compared with real dirt bikes. i will say they are reliable but you don't just buy something because it lasts forever if its no fun to ride.