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cross forum pollinating

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pt, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. does anyone else find it annoying reading threads that are straight from other forums? i must admit i dont contribute much and pretty much just read posts, but when i go to read something that has a slightly different title to the thread on another forum i get annoyed when its the same thing. i dunno how many people read different forums either but ims seeing more and more cross pollinating and it seems as though people think people wont notice.
    then again maybe its good for the people who dont read other forums. and maybe i'm a whinger :p :LOL: :LOL:

  2. mostly only see it in 'offtopic' threads, so it doesnt really bother me here..
  3. it pisses me off more when things get deleted because they promote another forum
  4. I guess the only thing that bothers me is, if you post a ride in another forum and someone decides to take it on there own bat and copy that ride into another forum without asking..that is not on.

    Other than that reading similar things in other forums doesnt really bother me.
  5. I dislike all topics that do not relate to going for a ride.
  6. This is now the only forum i read . I dont have time for any others .
  7. I'm with Dave. I have a bike because I love to ride, and, work permitting, and family responsibilities, I'd much rather be riding it that trolling four or five forums talking about it.

    Netrider is the only forum to which I belong, so I don't know whether some of the stuff here comes from elsewhere. I can only speak for myself, all original content here (that leaves the door open for some comment, I know!!!)
  8. I am opposed to anything that pollinates Acrosses

  9. Seriously, I can't comment. This is the only forum I read, and I reckon it rocks.
  10. How many posts have been deleted that promote other forums?

    This forum is for people to discuss things, it certainly isn't a place for people to place constant ads to gain traffic/promote their or another site.

    There are banner ads available if that is what is required.
  11. Heh heh this from a bloke with 1348 posts, and at least one in every topic ever started on netrider. :LOL: Ya clown.
  12. I think that if its something that will help others, then there shouldn't be a problem. Occassionally I'll link to another forum, but mostly my links are to other sites I've found because of other forums. If I want to use information from a thread in another forum, I'll generally cut and paste (or precis) and acknowledge the site.

    There are a lot of newbies and otherwise addicted riders and non-riders on this site that may find the information useful or helpful in different ways.

    I have always tried to limit posts to useful information....no post whore here!!!

    :D :D :D
  13. At least one thread that I put up trying to distingish ozbiker.com from ozrider.com was deleted.

    In regards to cross polinating....I've done it a couple of times and try to acknowledge the source as much as possible.
  14. Fair suck of the sav Matt......... It was put up at the time when those fools tried to join this forum and they did nothing but cause trouble.
  15. not to mention starting lots of them, whether funny or not
  16. And many people were getting them mixed up.....which had to be righted. I couldn't let XG's efforts at getting a forum up and running being tarnished by all crap that was flying around at the time.
  17. I hope the link to the site i have in my sig is ok? :? :? it's not a forum , just a club i joined since im old now :roll: :roll:
  18. since being banned, then getting a new ID, then being banned again, this is still the only forum i use... :shock: :shock: DOH....
  19. Well tome, you either love us or you're a glutton for punishment!
  20. Should we start a book on how long until the next ban is applied :p