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Cropper on a Gravel Road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Witchy, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a novice female rider and I've been riding for about 5 yrs but have only been out on bikes on and off. I bought a new Ninja 250 a year ago and have started riding again. I just can't seem to get my confidence up and had my first spill a few days ago turning onto a gravel surfaced road (used the front brake) I've learnt the hard way not to use the front brake in this case but man it's hard to get out of that habit. I damaged myself a bit and of course my new bike is now scratched to bits :(

    Any other tips on re gaining confidence after a fall? I love riding but I'm starting to fear I'll never get over the initial hurdles to actually enjoy the ride. I'm even tempted to put my L plates on when I go out to get other motorists to back off a bit!


  2. A 5 year novice? Thats probably the best attitude i've seen on here hehe.

    I recommend an advanced training course/hazard perception course etc. Deal with difficult situations in a safe environment.
  3. I would recommend going and doing a fun "dirt day" with one of the many ride operators I've seen recommended on here. I don't even say this because of your spill on the gravel (and that's an easy one to do!), but a few things will happen...

    your bike handling will improve dramatically
    you will take some minor tumbles (maybe) and have a ball doing it
    it is safe

    You've gotta be confident and enjoy yourself, otherwise what's the point. This will help a lot I think.
  4. when i had mine... i had no choice but to ride the next day. after that didnt ride for a week and a bit... got back on n it all just came back fine.
  5. Nothing wrong with that :grin: ... I class myself as at least a 5 year novice due to intermittently riding a dirt bike, then nothing for a few years, then intermittent road biking.

    I thought about putting L plates on when I first bought my 250, but feedback from other L platers was that they were treated to more aggressive/thoughtless behaviour WITH the L plate than without.

    If I don't ride regularly, it is much harder to get back into it, especially with confidence issues. (never got my confidence back after all the dirt biking crashes due to traction loss)

    Do you ride by yourself, or is there an experienced rider you can go out with?

    Gravel is a biatch at the best of times, so don't stress too much.
  6. Ok thanks! yes I do have a friend to ride with and a lot of family members have had bikes for years so I need to catch up with them for some tips. I will definitely do somemore upskilling as well