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Crookwell to taralga road?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by waedwe, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Am looking to do a little route exploring some of the roads around here. this is the route http://tinyurl.com/mnvvxg
    But cannot tell if the road between crookwell and taralga is sealed all the way? anyone ridden this road and knows? if not i can always explore it as far as the fully sealed bit goes and turn around

  2. hi, have you been on the ride yet... is the road sealed ?

    if you haven't gone, when you do, at Crookwell, turn towards Rugby, they sealed all of this road at the start of the year, its got great sweepers and nice bends

    I'd reckon the road Crookwell to Taralga is sealed, when I come back from Oberon I pass through Taralga and always see the Crookwell sign

    if not, well as long as its good dirt its no probs :)
  3. Fairly sure it is. Where you headed around this area? If you're after a killer ride, take the road to Bathurst from Taralga. Great roads running through logging areads, awesome sweeping curves and hills.

    ANother good road (apart from the Goulburn -> Crookwell one) is from Crookwell to Goulburn via Grabben Gullen. Great trip, each way is about 50km so very doable for a quick jaunt. Did it myself last weekend and had a blast.

    Good to see you're gonna have a shot at some of my favourite rides!

    - boingk
  4. Haven't go to go on the ride yet, due to kids and work , but hopefully can this weekend, cheers for the other roads will search them out, was thinking of continuing up towards oberon another time, will search them out on the maps