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Crocodile tears for Manly

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Three games, three losses, bottom of the ladder, boo-hoo :LOL:.

  2. Are Manly in the AFL now?

    I nearly knew who was playing a couple of weeks ago. Was in the local pub and the 'Cowboys' were playing some other team. I stunned myself that I knew that they were the team I was supposed to support.
  3. i am revelling in manly's misery wooohoooo
  4. No, Manly play a game which requires skill. You don't get a point for just having a go in a proper sport.
  5. Ah, so they play soccer then. That's a relief, though you might have meant something else.
  6. if manly had a soccer team i'd hate it too :LOL:
  7. :LOL:
  8. 1 man team mate, fell apart when stuart decided to get on the turps, sucked in
  9. How much skill does it take to be on the bottom without a win after 3 games?
  10. Go Cats.......................
  11. has made my year with those dumbass rapists on the bottom of the ladder. just love it. although these days i couldnt care about league anyway.
  12. SWMBO is a passionate Manly fan. Dragged me along to the first game at ANZ......I'M STILL LAUGHING! :LOL:

    (not too loudly in front of her mind you)
  13. Now THAT is quote of the year for me! :LOL:


  14. Hmmm, and Canterbury turned you away from the game then ?
  15. get your facts right mate, dogs are not rapists
  16. Go Storm!
    I actually like real Rugby not thugby anyways.
    Anyone with a thick neck and temper issues can play in the NRL. :LOL: