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Crocodile hunter meets Ross the intern

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. That was very funny. I hadn't seen that one before.

    Thanks for the reminder of just how cool Steve was.
  2. no probs... had it emailed to me and had to share!!

    That clip gave me a good laugh, as watching Steve always did :)
  3. good laugh??? that was the single funniest thing i've ever

    i actually understand what pi$$ing yourself laughing means coz after the tears i came damn close!!!

    cheers for the post dude!!!
  4. Thanks for the post. After all the sadness I have felt for losing one of my true mates, I am now laughing at his antics again. :)

    I use to work at the zoo and had a cup of tea with Steve while we discussed our aims in life. He was a true believer in my abilities. R.I.P. mate. :)
  5. It must have been awesome to work with him, I would have loved to work with Steve!!

    I got to meet him in late '05 and it was the highlight of my holiday in QLD... he truly was a great man!!
  6. What you saw on tele was him in real life. He was passionate about everything he did. If he was happy he was extremely happy, and if he was pissed off he was extremely pissed off!

    I still remember the first day we met at the zoo. I was trying to save a newly hatched emu which couldn't support its weight on its legs (needed muscle condition etc). He was in disguise (as he often had to be at the zoo) and I was rambling to him about what I was trying to achieve. He took his disguise off and took my hand. He looked me straight in the eye and said 'you have a great heart'.

    He always praised me and was very spiritual. I was proud to have trained his eagles and birds at the zoo. Not to mention other various animals he wanted visitors at his zoo to touch and enjoy. :)
  7. Once again thankyou for this thread. I am glad it is here. I didn't ever want to keep my memories of Steve to the back of my mind. :cry:

    If anyone wants to chat about him and his work, I am ya girl! :grin:
  8. That was the impression I got of Steve... he seemed to be the most genuine high profile celeb I've ever met... most I've met have been full of themselves or just fake, portraying the sort of person that will sell tickets to their movies, increase sales of their CD's, or increase attendance to their sporting events...

    Steve didn't care about any of that stuff, he just wanted to spread awareness of wildlife conservation issues... a true Aussie legend :cool:
  9. Just out of interest, what sort of disguise would he wear?

    (Although the mental picture of Steve with the typical fake glasses with big plastic nose and moustache attached is a funny one, I'm sure he did better than that.)

  10. lol i had the same vision!!!! beige trenchcoat too??
  11. He would wear a cap, sunnies hawaiian shirt sneakers , surf shorts and fake teeth. Amazing enough you would never recognize him. He even sat in numerous croc demo's beside tourists and was never noticed. :grin: