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CRM250 motard: Brakes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by L0Ki, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    No pictures just yet, it's still in pieces. Sorry

    I'm after a 320mm front rotor to go with my wheels with relocating braket.

    Here's the hard part though. Hardly anyone knows what a CRM is and thy're not listed on any (well that I've found) websites. But i know the XR400 Hubs are the same as the CRM's so if you have anything that fits XR400's or something you know is compatible with the XR400 Hubs please let me know.

    I wouldn't mind a better caliper either as well as some braided steel lines and master cylinder etc. But it depends on whether it will fit and price etc. Mainly I'm just after the Rotor and relocation braket atm.

    I think its the TB06 TALON relocation braket that fits the CRM or so i have been told. Does anyone know for sure?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. i know what a crm is, nice bike for a honda and easily road rego'd.

    jump on vsmr.net and supermoto junkie.surely someone on there will be able to point you in the right direction.

    for disks (if you havent already) check out braking and motomaster.

    calipers...where to begin. again those guys have calipers or if you have the dosh look at berringer or for a budget find a nice sportbike caliper that you can make fit
  3. Presuming the CRM is a Motard vesion of the CR250?

    If so rad! No leads for you sorry, but don't forget to post pics! :wink:
  4. swing and a miss
  5. Hey Guys/Girls,

    Everyone seems to want pictures wherever I go so how could I resist.

    I've made a photobucket account and currently putting up any photos I remember to take along the way.

    I feel as though it’s not really mine yet though as I haven’t done anything major to signify that it's mine since I bought it! Some of you might recognise it

    http://photobucket.com/CRM_250 my madass album with all mods done so far. Mainly cleaning. But it does include a HEL brake switch install and acewell digital speedometer install.

  6. noice.

    you will soon see how much those headlights suck. ive had 2 like that...and man it makes night riding interesting.

    oh and you wouldnt believe how much i got payed out for having a rear hugger on a motard. now that i dont have that bike anymore i can admit that they look gayer than 10 men kissing. get rid of it

    otherwise. sweet. braaaaaap ringa-ting a ting
  7. Yea agree on the hugger...its just that i dont have a chain guard for it and need one for rego. So after i get rego i'll worry about that.

    And the headlight is farked anyway. Can you recommend one. The one in it is currently only working by the wonders of my non existent electrician degree.
  8. Hey mate, just wondering how much did it cost to get motard?
  9. Do you mean the wheels or the whole bike. I bought the bike off ebay with the wheels on it so i can;t say. I payed $2000 for the bike though.

    And in other news the bike got registered today and is legal to ride. Was a bit hairy at the pink slip though as i had forgotten to torque up the bolts on the expansion chamber and it was really loose causing it to sound like it had an exhaust leak. The guy was a legend though and just said make sure u get it fixed. OKAY!

    EDIT: Oh and he also commented on the headlight saying how shit it was lol.
  10. lucky the light was leagal. was it CE or did he just not check

    also. bargain