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Critique/tips on Body Positioning

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ElmoNinja, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    I've been trying to improve my body position and wanted some critique and tips on my current form, namely my hang off and the position that my knee slider touches the ground.

    I've noticed that my knee sliders do not wear evenly; with the pucks contacting the ground at the top, leaving the bottom of the pucks barely scathed. I've compromised by shifting the pucks higher on the velcro such that it is pretty much right below my knee cap.


    I figured this must be a problem with my body position and foot peg placement. Or maybe I'm stretching out my knee a bit too hard to get that knee down although, I've recently started the tuck the knee back in after the intial touch.

    I've watched many videos of Ninja 300 riders and their hang off forms i.e Murtanio on YouTube, but I can't pinpoint the differences between our body positions. Somehow they manage to evenly wear out their pucks as they drag their knee, whereas I only contact the top of the pucks.

    My friends have suggested I shouldnt angle my leg down so low towards the ground. However, theoretically if we wanted to drag knees, if his knee is initially higher/futher away from the ground, it would require more lean angle for him to achieve knee down.

    Which leads me to my next question.

    I know for a fact that I shift more ass during a corner than my friend. However, he still has chicken strips whilst I do not. If I'm hanging off that much more, wouldn't my lean angle be reduced thus leaving me with chicken strips, whilst he would be leaning a lot more leaving him with no chicken strips? Or maybe my hang off is ineffective?

    And also, if I have no chicken strips, does that mean I've once reached the maximum lean angle for the tire? If I were to go beyond that lean angle, using the very edge of the tire, would I slip and lose traction? I've yet to scrape any hard parts but just a bit paranoid as to whether I should experiment with new body positions and push the bike just a bit further.

    Thank you for your time!
  2. Nice pic, good questions. Will leave those better qualified to answer. jonnymacjonnymac any advice?
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  3. Dont stress it i contact sliders diffrently both sides just turn em round when you wear an edge off 20160224_133030.
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  4. Um this is kinda like me posting a pic wearing a helmet and asking if you think I'm hot........

    Okay cool pic but it really doesn't give us anything to work with. Can't see your hands, body, bum other foot/leg shoulders nothing....... But to answer some stuff.

    Don't stress in the slightest about how your sliders are wearing, it can be anything from the way your leathers fit, to the length of your legs etc etc.
    Chicken strips or lack of can be anything from riding style, your weight, the way your suspension is etc etc way to many variables.

    You do seem to be way off the seat and sticking your knee out a lot .

    I've never ridden a 300 though so I'm not qualified to speak on body position on it. I will say don't get hung up on the fact of chicken or no chicken strips. I've seen tyres from racers which still have a 5mm chicken strip on the rear and yet they are going faster than you or I ever will. It's down to some set up of their bike and riding style.

    My rear has a small chicken strip on it, but that's due to using a 195 rear on a 600 wheel and the change of profile that creates. The only way I'll use that last little bit is sliding down the track.

    Yes you can lean past the edge of your tyre. Yes you may crash in the process because yes of course you lose grip and feel. Talk to Vale he's made a career out of leaning past the edge without crashing........
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  5. Seconded and there appears to still be some clearance before the peg feeler touches. With a compact bike like the Ninja 300, though that could be down to your height and leg length, but it could be that you could move your backside a little less. It really is hard to see clearly though and really my skill level isn't close to where I should be advising anybody.

    Have you considered getting along to a track based training day where you will have access to some coaching ?

    I appreciate that this costs money, but in my experience paying for good instruction in anything you're passionate about is a good investment. When your life and safety depend on doing things right, it makes sense to get instruction from professionals. An on track instructor will be able to see so much more of what you are doing and give you instant feedback on your technique. You may well get to the same level yourself by trial and error, but you will get proficient far faster and with far fewer scars and broken bits of bike with a good instructor. I guess you are also early in your riding career, so get taught right before you develop too many bad habits, if you really want some bad habits you are welcome to a few of mine :(

    If the cost is a consideration, have you considered hooking up with a more experienced mentor for a few rides to get some feedback from someone who can see better what you are actually doing ?
    There are some people in this community who very kindly offer their time and experience for mentoring.
  6. with image rotated 45deg to get road flat.. that knee is a looong way down?

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  7. You are over reaching with that knee mate. I did that a lot when I had my ninja out on a track day just so I can say I touched my knee.

    I have since got a different bike and try to only use my knee as a guide when i am leaning too hard not for the purposes of just scraping my puck.

    I have proven this theory by taking the same corner at a higher speed and not scraping my knee.

    Still get off the bike with your ass cheek just don't hyperextend your hip outward to touch your knee.

    Attached pic is your ultimate goal :)
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  8. Although this might be a tad over enthusiastic on a road bike :)
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