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Crisis is getting married tomorrow

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smileedude, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. And he is being all shy and pretending it's not a big deal. But 87crisis NR loves you and we are going to make a big deal. So congrats on the big day and I hope you snuck something about kittens or nods into the vows.

    P.s is she hot?
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  2. *throws rice everywhere* congrats Crisis :applause:
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  3. poor sod
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  4. hope the thumbprint doesnt affect your riding :p

    All the best mate, congrats!! :D
  5. Congrats brother stalker!
  6. Lucky girl! Congrats, brother.
  7. Congrats from the Hornet :)

    (celebrating our 40th anniversary this year!)
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  8. ..I feel sorry for her!!..... :D...

    Hope you both enjoy the day.. and the rest of your lives!..... :love:
  9. so there's still 1 day to go. maybe it's not to late:p
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  10. Congratz Crisis.

    It must be :love::love::love:
  11. ..will you be at the location shouting....*It should'a been me!!*...... lol
  12. There is always the bit where they ask ..if anyone here knows any reason whh these two should not be married.....

    been at a wedding where this happened..was interesting
  13. we all should

    veil seal.
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  14. Congratulations Crisis.
  16. Who? :p I really should get better with names, faces and other names :)
    Congrats anyway! it doesn't hurt as much as everyone says..
  17. congratulations!
  18. Says the guy moving back to America! That will hurt anyone :p
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  20. I was being polite. I've never been silly enough to sell my soul to anyone bar the devil