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Crisis' amazing thread of nothing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. so i'm bored....wife's back on shift work and i'm normally asleep after running errands or working on fixing up the new house so i'm then awake at midnight...SO fcuk IT....considering the rest of society is stuck being tossers slaving away at day jobs and there's no-one to shit stir here i might aswell just ramble on and post pointless pictures and links of various shit

    some maybe related to links for my house shit (hell might interest some of you if your considering picking up certain items for renovating)

    others will be songs...bike shit....p0rn related stuff.....popcorn related products (for those interested in such things) ....who knows

    point is....feel free to join in or ramble on your own little rant...even if your just pissed off at some random bullshit *shrugs* whatever.

    and for a start as a fellow rider has posted - i present REAL news articles, not some pommy git on a bicycle.


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  2. a cheap fix for a tiny ass bathroom until we rip out walls and do a major renovation on our house.


    suprisingly cheap considering whats on the market and it shits over the seemingly rotten wood vanity we have in place that is way too large for the bathroom - i swear i could rest my chin on the vanity while hanging a shit on the toilet in the current setup, the room is way too cramped.
  3. on a related note - i've recently become a member of an Australian based renovators forum....

    you know what ?

    it runs Vbulletin....AND GOD I MISSED IT
  4. also for mods - sure i could bust things down into smaller post numbers, but first - that makes it harder for people to quote certain things, secondly - i'm lazy, and lastly i'd then have to give you a reason why i want to edit my posts when in reality i don't, i'd just be doing it to keep you happy & having to type that again and again would surely just result in even more rambling posts...so i apologise but im a bipolar spastic :p (it's only in jest i say this buddy, you know who you are.) and to be clear i'm not attempting to wipe my ass with the forum with this thread, just killing time when bored and dont want to involve myself in some of the other threads where some of my postings would be accepted as it then means i'd be inclined to join in on said threads on a regular basis which i have no desire to do.
  5. also i dunno how many of you may remember but a site in the older days of the internet titled steakandcheese ...not going to direct link it for reasons that will follow

    it was basically a website of funny or disgusting pictures, used to trawl through it back in the days when i was a young fella using dial up internet and raging at people when they used the house phone effectively shit-canning my connection........was feeling abit nostalgic so thought i'd try typing in the address and seeing what it had to offer.....IT'S ALL p0rn NOW ...seemingly alot of it is asian p0rn at that...

    i love p0rn, but come on internet - there's enough p0rn out there, why you gotta highjack our amusing sites with it?
  6. Where's the popcorn related shit mate? geez...
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  7. http://www.nationbuildingprogram.gov.au/projects/ProjectDetails.aspx?Project_id=040791-10SA-NP

    this actually interests me quite alot as it can go on to improve services to the central west and alot of rural nsw depending on how it's run which in turn can further development of said area's both improving real estate markets & hopefully encouraging more people to move out of sydney and away from the ratrace

    but in saying all that these are very optimistic hopes from my end, at the very least i'm hoping it create's a few jobs for rural nsw and can improve price's for supplies if they are more readily available at a cheaper rate having this rail line in place because as it stands alot of small towns businesses can charge stupidly inflated prices, and it's probably why with the wonderful world of the internet alot of these same businesses find themselves closing down because they are too stubborn to lower their prices when people can have similar or the same products delivered to their front door for less than what they'd pay for it at their local shops.

    it's always quite sad rolling through rural towns and seeing half of the commercial shops empty...some beautiful old style buildings just sitting there...wasting away..
  8. http://www.ruralromance.com.au/


    this came up in discussion with a friend as me and the woman were talking about encouraging people to move out west as like we have realised it's the best decision we could have ever made, a cheaper simpler life where we can focus on enjoying ourselves....

    then talking with this mate...and in jest saying he should join this site - SO I INVITE YOU ALL TO JOIN THIS SITE....AND SNAP UP A BEAUTY LIKE...

    miss em...who works admin in the mines...o0o0o0o0o
  9. No popcorn in this place, a complaint to the minister of health is being prepared as we speak. Whether the result will e available before this thread disappears remains to be seen.
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  10. :p
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  11. air popped , how do you that ?

    - shaved )
  12. after seconds and seconds of scouring youtube, I found this! Awesomeness (y)

  13. Hope you get some sleep soon 87crisis:p
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  14. how come you don't have a job mr crisis?
  15. Because he's living the dream mate (y)
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  16. He has a job, entertaining me at 4am.
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  17. I don't want or Need a job right now, for those who maybe curious - no, I am not on centre link benefits either. ;)