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Crimtrak system to be outsourced to private industry

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Sections of the Federal database of Criminal activity, DNA records, biometrics data etc "Crimtrak" is to be outsourced to private industry under a new industry deal. Crimtrak was also purported to be the repository of the frequently mooted and frequently denied National Automatic Numberplate recognition system

    IT News

    Crimtrak - About Us
  2. Awesome.

  3. Is Crimtrak a child company of Google by any chance?
  4. Hey, great opportunity to onsell the data to retailers, insurance companies and anyone else with an interest in where you are and what you are doing!
  5. At least private industry can be trusted NOT to keep it secret. With the gumbiment, you just never know what you're going to get! :rolleyes:
  6. Sold........... to the highest bidder....

    is it any wonder, fuggin liberals....if its not nailed down/rusted on, sell it, is their motto ( especially, just before an election...got to prop up the war chest for the serious vote buying that is about to commence )
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  7. LOL - so many people with no idea posting here.....

    And yes, I do happen to know the actual details of the deal/arrangement, rather than speculating like a wanker that the data is "up for sale" or in any way shape or form unsafe.

    Who would you rather look after the data, a professional multinational IT company with vast experience in IT security, or a government dept making it up as they go along?
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  8. They call Crapple and Microscum "professional multinational IT companies"....but would you trust either of them with your wallet or email address ??
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  9. Well none of that has made me feel any less concerned.

    Say more.
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  10. I would prefer a professionally staffed government organisation holding sensitive information within their keeping. Not a for profit, shareholder first, hire the lowest common denominator company. My understanding is that "Business as Usual" services are to be outsourced. That would presumably mean helpdesk services where people would need access into the system.

    Where is the data to be held, cheapest possible datastore?
    What legal jurisdiction is there over the datastore?
    What tracking is in place for all queries to the database?
    What penalities are in place for leakage of data or failure to perform? This is where governments in outsourcing have traditionally failed to put in place adequate safeguards.

    Lets look at some large external software projects and their ineptitude, have we any guarantees that whomever takes the roll will be any more capable? You will note these are large multinational companies who still managed to totally screw it up. I agree with Rob, nothing you have said negates any causes for concern.

    IBM Pennsylvania Railways

    The state's Secretary of Labor and Industry, Julia Hearthway, made the decision following an $800,000 independent study [pdf download], conducted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute, that blames both IBM and the state. At the time of cancellation, the project was 42 months behind schedule, with a $60 million cost overrun, based on an original budget of $106.9 million.

    EDS and the Child Support Agency

    EDS's CS2 computer system somehow managed to overpay 1.9 million people and underpay around 700,000, partly because the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decided to reform the CSA at the same time as bringing in CS2.

    Edward Leigh, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, was outraged when the National Audit Office subsequently picked through the wreckage: "Ignoring ample warnings, the DWP, the CSA and IT contractor EDS introduced a large, complex IT system at the same time as restructuring the agency. The new system was brought in and, as night follows day, stumbled and now has enormous operational difficulties."

    Siemens and the passport system

    Hundreds of people missed their holidays and the Home Office had to pay millions in compensation, staff overtime and umbrellas for the poor people queuing in the rain for passports. But why such an unexpectedly huge demand for passports? The law had recently changed to demand, for the first time, that all children under 16 had to get one if they were travelling abroad.

    and so on and so on ...
  11. Righto, free aluminium foil hats for all then lol.

    You're also acting like this is a new thing, the only "news" here is that the previous outsourcing agreement ended, and a new one has been signed.

    The system was built and developed by an outsourced party to begin with...
  12. Built and developed makes sense, but was it run by an outsourced party?
  13. ??? There is no Federal Election due for another two and a half years; which country do you live in???
  14. Victoria has an election later this year and the incumbent wanker looks like being tossed for the incompetent wanker in waiting...

    Another twiddle dee vs. twiddle dumb waste of time, neither is worthy of the steam off a cow turd.

    My bad, I thought victoria would be the only state with pollies stupid enough to endlessly sign up to privatised BS.
  15. OK, let's look at the history of IT and other projects entrusted to PPPs in Victoria over the last couple of governments and how they have worked out in terms of efficiency, security and public interest...
    (...this could take a while.)
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  16. Just to show what can and does happen.

    THE Australian Defence Force’s optometry service provider has been sacked after sending patients’ medical records offshore.
    OPSM’s parent company Luxottica Retail Australia yesterday lost its $33.5 million contract with the ADF after sending Defence personnel’s optical claims information overseas for processing.

    Read more here: