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Criminal record - what kind of strings are attached?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jc212, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Someone i know pretty well got himself into a bit of trouble with the law and luckily he got away with a good behavior bond but he's stuck with a permanent criminal record.

    Does anyone know what kind of things he can expect to crop up in the future? Things that might affect his lifestyle and options?

  2. A lot of the REAL implications depend on the nature of the charge/s.
    I dont know or care what they are, so i'll just tell you what i know about having a criminal record.

    * Any future breaches of the law, irrespective of their nature will have a greater percentage of the maximum penalty imposed upon them.

    * Their name will be on the Criminal Names Index (thanks TWEET ;) ) so if they are stopped for RBT, Traffic Ifringements, they can expect baiting questions that will make a difference to the discression used by the orificer at the time. I hope they dont think they can outsmart the cops.

    * Any employer has the right to request their criminal record before employing them. hope they perform well at interviews ;)

    * Any future positions requiring "Security Clearance" or "Working with Children" may be seriously jeopardised.

    * They are now "known" to the police. expect extra "attention" in any situation.

    thats all i can think of now, some quite serious IMHO. But if i can live with those ramifications, anybody can.
  3. well, yeah it depends on what kind of trouble.

    basicly any job that requires a police check, it will be in his best interest if he declares any offences on the police form.

    i.e i work for the SA liquor & gambling commissioner. we need to check whether a person is fit & proper to work as a gaming attendant.

    if a person had say a shoplifting charge from 3 years ago, didn't declare it, and tghe cops came back after the check & said 'this person has stolen, then lied about it' we would most likely refuse the application.

    if they declared it, the cops would come back & say 'this person has stolen but told the truth' we'd view their honesty very highly and would have a hearing where the person can put forward why they think their criminal offence will not affect their employment.
  4. I don't have a criminal record but when they do a "hamburger with the lot" on me when I get pulled over I come up as a victim of crime due to reporting vandalism at various worksites over the years (trouble with being the senior or only person on site).

    As said above he/she will have trouble in future employment AND getting into certain countries (USA) is near impossible with any sort of criminal record no matter how minor.
  5. I've got one little black mark there that's almost disappeared. It stopped me from entering Sweden at one point, or getting a Canadian working visa. I've had to disclose it to the odd potential employer and it's given me some annoying troubles with insurance companies.

    ....buuuuut that's what you get for being a dyckhead. Plenty of people about with records for this or that, if it stops him doing certain things then so be it, he'll live.
  6. As Loz said,if he wants to travel in the future,several countries will not even allow him in with a criminal record :( USA is also really big [-X not that I want to go there :?
  7. If you dont mind me asking, how small an indiscretion?
  8. Depends on the crime in question... i used to be friends with a guy who has basically done himself out of any job that pays well....did something really stupid just after he turned 18 and it's kinda permenent.

    I've got no such history (got a warning for riding push bike on a footpath once) though so can't really comment other than what i've seen other people go through.
  9. It gets you out of jury service
  10. It depends on the offence and the piece of string


  11. :-$ Cant say too much as Ive been legally gagged :-# suffice to say it involves a priest :inquisition: some really trippy Ecstasy laced with Acid :tantrum: a 44 gal of Vasolene :cry: a donkey :worthlesspics: 10 kilos of seafood :squid: a website :google: and several people signing confidentiality agreement's who are swarn to secrecy :deal: And he has pics of me involved in the festivities as well :shock: :bannanabutt: :rofl:
  12. So the federal police won't let you talk about it then. :LOL:
  13. Also, I sense a "what's the worst crime you've committed" thread coming on.....
  14. Worst crime and got away with? :grin: Or convicted :( Kinda defeats the purpose of incriminating myself online and spillin the beans
  15. Was there a conviction recorded?
    I say this because it is possible to 'get away' with a bond, with no conviction recorded if the terms of the bond are adhered to.
    Worked for me on assault charges. More than once too.

    Supposedly - I have no convictions, because I served out the time on bond. an employer police check returned no convictions 2 yrs ago. The offences were over 5 yrs old.
  16. they dont give you that option when mr plod is tha man you assault :( :(
  17. What nationality is your mate?

    I say this because I am of Calabrian descent, and the hot tempers of my countrymen were listed as a mitigating factor.

    Try all angles.!