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Criminal record - Having a hard time getting insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jc212, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Hey guys i'm looking for some 3rd party prop insurance for my virago but it seems like my conviction (1 year ago: break and enter with intent to steal<but not actually stealing anything :p>) is holding me back. A lot of insurance companies are totally rejecting me.
    Anyway, is anyone in the same situation as me? Is there any insurance company that'll take me!?

  2. I suggest you break in and steal some insurance.
  3. I know this is 12 months too late but did you try and get a section 10a which doesn't record a conviction?
  4. You reap what you sew pal. Best of luck... :LOL:
  5. you need to wait another 9 yrs to lose the conviction (assuming you stay clean in that time).

    otherwise put the bike under someone else's name and get them to insure it. if you crash it then they get a mark under their name though...
  6. :LOL: :LOL:

    :? How do you "lose" a conviction? :? As far as I'm aware, once you are convicted it's permanent no matter how clumsy or forgetful you are. :wink:
  7. After 10 years most things drop off the bottom of your record, I believe, under the assumption that something that you did when you were an 18yo hothead shouldn't affect you getting a job at 30.

    In my slightly shameful experience, you only have to disclose naughtiness to insurance companies within 5 years of a conviction.
  8. No disagreements with that. They may not take it in to account after 5 or 10 years but you never "lose" them. Probably just being pedantic. Sorry.

    Do insurance companies ask about Criminal priors? I would have thought only your traffic priors mattered for vehicle insurance :? I guess they are worried you might steal it yourself :LOL: (not being very helpful :( )
  9. They asked me when I rang up last week for ctp.
  10. imsure that after 5 or 7 years you will be able to get insurance i had a mate in that situation and in the end he filled out some papers and had his record cleaned up
  11. :LOL: :LOL:

    You may want to have a read of this. Not sure whether this has been updated recently, and/or whether it is still valid a presented below

    3) the conviction is spent. A Commonwealth conviction is spent if a pardon was granted for a reason other than wrongful conviction or if it meets ALL the following conditions:
    * It is 10 years or more since the date of the conviction (or five years since the date of the conviction if the person was dealt with as a juvenile);
    * The sentence IMPOSED (not what was actually served) was a fine, bond, community service order or imprisonment for a period of less than 30 months;
    * There have not been any further offences in the ten (or five) year period; AND
    * An exclusion does not apply (for further information, see page 3 of this Note).

    And more here:
  12. ^^ that's it :) - only the police/courts will ever know after it's a spent conviction. Even applying for jobs, it won't be on ur records any longer. Ten yrs is a long time to wait though.
  13. To the OP... you could try applying for 3rd party property only insurance.

    Since you aren't seeking comprehensive insurance or theft insurance the conviction shouldn't matter.
  14. Damn thats bad luck mate, I've never even been asked about criminal stuff for insurance, only traffic. Like most people I have the house, contents, car and bikes insured. Never been asked. Maybe try a different company?
  15. i got asked the other day when i went to get third party property

    she says "have you ever been convicted of anything"
    me says "no"
    dad says "oh fess up what about that auto theft last month"

    best of luck getting insurance.
  16. Thanks for the help guys(well, most of you).

    After going through a long list of insurance companies GIO ended up taking me under their wing. It was pretty good service, they did ultimately ask about any prior convictions and I answered them honestly.

    Almost straight away they said it was OK and their prices were competitive to boot. Even got a discount for getting CTP with them as well.

    I didn't really lol at this one but i'm glad I can joke about it now, I got off pretty easy..

    I thought about a section 10, but my lawyer advised that it'd be like haggling something from $100 to $5. We didn't end up trying because we didn't want to look like complete idiots in front of the judge.

    Yes, about 90% of the insurance companies I contacted asked for any criminal history (things related to theft, arson etc)
  17. Mods were up early protecting the crooks this morning...
  18. Poor cupcake breaks the law and now is complaining that it is holding him back and causing problems?

    My heart breaks for you.

    You're the reason house and contents insurance is so damn high, you're nothing more than a petty criminal and I am amazed people have wasted their time offering advice to you.

    You did the crime, now man up and deal with the consequences.
  19. Really? I can't ever remember it either. In fact, when I read the OP my thought was "tell them to bite you. They can't ask you that for vehicle insurance"

    It seems other people have had other experience, but I do wonder about the legality of it.