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Criminal probe into destroyed CIA tapes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottatron, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. I will not be suprised when nothing comes of the investigation and all is forgotten
  2. Unfortunately that's probably accurate.
  3. As with all of these stories they are forgotten when the next big headline hits the news. They know that it works that way so they just wait for it to blow over.
  4. Yeah, eventually you might find a low-level clerk
    gets blamed and demoted to the Hawaii office as
    punishment :wink:

    But what did you expect...
  5. But wait, there's still hope. Or are they only going through the motions?


  6. Probably a case of going through the motions, but we can hope :)
  7. The form of tortue they used was waterboarding. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterboarding

    Its simulates drowning which causes the victim to believe they are being killed. Pretty disgusting treatment of prisoners.
  8. Amongst other things....
  9. Interesting how times have changed:
    Edit: Also
  10. Just to split a hair here, waterboarding does not simulate drowning. It is drowning, carried out to an extent that is (usually) non-fatal.

    Doesn't detract from your point, I'm just in a pedantic mood today.
  11. :grin:
  12. Bugger them.

    Anybody who wants to kill me and everyone I love deserves to be very actually drowned rather than very nearly drowned.

    For militants picked up off the battlefield with no military uniform, for terrorists we are 90% certain on their intent I want to see extremely agonising stress positions, sleep deprivation, beatings, slappings, nudity, public humiliation - the lot.

    My 0.02c worth. :cool:
  13. I agree that terrorists who are 100% proven without a doubt guilty of plotting to kill innocent people should get what they deserve.

    The problem is when prisoners who have not been 100% proven guilty are treated this way.

    Its not a perfect world but it is very hypocritical when the U.S, the self proclaimed defenders of human rights are utilizing these barbaric techniques.