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Crikey ! . . . . RIP Steve Irwin

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. yeah just read it on the age's website..... what a shock
  2. I feel for his family. :(
  3. Just read this! Another of our loveable larrikans has left us. And to a stingray, of all things :cry:
  4. RIP Steve, you were a great Aussie and an all round top bloke looking after animals.
  5. Very sad indeed. :(
  6. Coming to Australia from overseas, Steve WAS Australia for me. Laid back, happy to be alive, always smiling. Wat a sad sad day. Rest in Peace mate, The world is a poorer place without you.
  7. Tragic News.
    Loss of a real aussie icon.

    Will be missed.

  8. Yeah Just got an email about this, condolences to the family.
    I'm sure most of Australia will be mourning the loss of another larakin.
  9. RIP

    you really were an australian icon m8, condolences to his wife when she eventually finds out
  10. what a tragedy :( feel for the 2 young kids
  11. RIP buddy :cry:

    met him late last year and he was one of the nicest people I've ever met!!

    he had the greatest respect for all living creatures, hopefully his hard work continues by those who he's inspired through his years of hard work

    definitely a sad day for anyone who's met Steve, or enjoyed his doco's over the years
  12. RIP

    I guess he went doing something he enjoyed !
  13. Geez, the same deal, just got an email about it. :shock:

    Pretty sad to hear. At least he has done heaps of cool stuff and went out doing what he loved, thats the best any of us can hope for.

    Condolences to his wife and family.
  14. Bugger - I read it and then verified it but still can't believe it!!! Poor bugger - and poor wife and family. I remeber diving with some big rays once and they can be aggressive bastards when they want to be. At least he went doing something he loved. RIP.
  15. Was never really a fan but he did do a lot for advertising australia to the world and for his wildlife foundations
  16. Couldn't believe it, Such a sad loss to the Aussie tourism.
    RIP Steve and condolences to his wife and 2 kiddies :(
  17. It's indeed sad, he was passionate about his animals and was one of the few folks you see with a true purity of spirit and purpose. He looked like a real nice bloke who loved his life and the world.

    ...Still, let's be honest. He did spend a lot of time pissing off very dangerous animals, if there was any way for him to go it was either this or with his thumb up a croc's butt.
  18. RIP and condolences..
    It never really occured to me that he'd die so I was left with this odd feeling after the news report.

    +1 About going when he's doing what he loves most. Stung by a stingray? What a way to go!
  19. Sad loss, young kids etc

    As much as I frowned upon him while finding amusement in his TV antics, I saw a genuine guy, who I respected.

    I admired him because he made a living from doing what he seemed to enjoy, and it helped him towards achieving the goals he believed in.

    While it is a loss for his family, he has financially provided for them and I am sure his kids despite him not being around will never hold back on achieving their potential as a result of the multiple lifetimes worth of inspiration Steve put out in his 44years before is untimely death by stingray barb through the chest.

    Well thats it....His years may have been cut short by half but at least he was alive, truly alive an inspiration to us all

    God Bless