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Crikey.com - Labels us riders as Terrorists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. I received the following tonight from Dale Maggs MRAA Pres. Thought that it may be of interest to a few people........

    Want to contact Crikey people?

    Stephen Mayne, Crikey founder and business commentator: smayne@crikey.com.au
    Christian Kerr, National Affairs Editor: christian@crikey.com.au; Mobile - 0402 977 352
    Stephen Feneley, Arts Correspondent: funnelwe@ozemail.com.au; Mobile - 0412 467 675
    Misha Ketchell, Editor: misha@crikey.com.au
    Eric Beecher, Publisher: ebeecher@crikey.com.au
    Diana Gribble, Publisher: dgribble@crikey.com.au
    Steve Murray, Director of Advertising: steve.murray@crikey.com.au

  2. I guess no one did. Mayne no longer owns Crikey and besides that no one takes what they say as gospel. It's well known to have higher levels of innacuracy than most normal publications and readers generally take this into consideration.
  3. Apart from the paragraph at the end, I don't really see a problem with the article's content. And I can't see many folk being too likely to lump all riders in with outlaw bikies.
  4. I agree with the article and OMCG's should be targeted and dismantled.....I can't see anywhere that it says all motorcyclists
  5. we are a minority and just like any other minority, i guess someone has to jump on the high horse and claim stereotyping/racism/discrimination/ to me it's all BS.

    Apologies for not being P.C. i'm not very sympathetic to minorities
  6. Interesting timing for the revival of an old thread, given the appearance of this opinion piece in The Australian yesterday.

    I have no interest in "outlaw motorcycle gangs", but it's one thing to 'raise the spectre' of such gangs supplying weapons to terrorists, and another to actually come up with evidence that this is happening.

    Sure, it's a 'potential danger'. Just as John Howard and Amanda Vanstone producing a love child is a potential danger. In the absence of evidence, so what?
  7. Interesting timing for the revival of an old thread Clive..

    mm, I was going to say the same thing...
  8. I hadn't noticed that. I was just bored at work.

    As for gangs selling guns to terrorists - bah. Any excuse to throw up a new fear for us. I may be wrong but I wouldn't expect bikies to like terrorists. I've known a few, including my uncle, and whilst their loyalty is primarily reserved for the club and their bro's I think there is more than a little left over for patriotism as long as it doesn't clash with rule no. 1.
  9. Well, it IS an election year in the Federal arena. One thing that works well for the Liberals is the fear factor. Undoubtedly we'll see more of this as the months pass.
  10. I'm with Abo Bob on this. Most Outlaw bikers tend to have ultra-nationalist leanings and could almost be guaranteed to be in the front row of an anti everyone rally - particularly arabs. Why this hack Gary Hughes seem to think they would sell weapons to terrorist types rather than use them against them is hard to fathom. Just further proof of the press' need to keep the poor, ignorant general public scared shitless and doing 'the right thing', that is , buying newspapers.

    As riders however, we are familiar with mis-information and scare tactics - aren't we???
  11. Bugger it. Where is Glenn Milne when you need him! :LOL: