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Crikey.com.au labels Motorcycle Riders as A Terrorist Threat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. I received the following tonight from Dale Maggs MRAA Pres. Thought that it may be of interest to a few people........

    Want to contact Crikey people?

    Stephen Mayne, Crikey founder and business commentator: smayne@crikey.com.au
    Christian Kerr, National Affairs Editor: christian@crikey.com.au; Mobile - 0402 977 352
    Stephen Feneley, Arts Correspondent: funnelwe@ozemail.com.au; Mobile - 0412 467 675
    Misha Ketchell, Editor: misha@crikey.com.au
    Eric Beecher, Publisher: ebeecher@crikey.com.au
    Diana Gribble, Publisher: dgribble@crikey.com.au
    Steve Murray, Director of Advertising: steve.murray@crikey.com.au

  2. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. I kept looking for the emoticons! This has to be tongue in cheek, surely!
  4. Re: Crikey.com - Labels Motorcycle Riders as A Terrorist Thr

    Are you serious?
    I honestly don't think that article "specifically tars us all with the same brush" whatsoever.

    Not once does it either directly point at "Motorcycle riders" or even indirectly infer it.

    It "specifically" states Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs a number of times and seems to go to great length to keep to that point alone.

    The final paragraph which you've highlighted does exactly what it's meant to do, which is impress upon the reader that these people who supply drugs, extort people, launder money, physically harm people directly/indirectly, can just as easily be someone who does good things too.

    That article in no way labels motorcycle riders as a terrorist threat.
    It labels organised crime syndicates on our own shores, in our own towns and cities as direct terrorists [sic] on our own communities and our own way of life.

    You've taken one paragraph from a full story which briefly mentions a toy run and run off with your own agenda.

    Seriously mate, get a life. No one reading that article will think to themselves "Oh those motorcycle riders! They're ALL TERRORISTS! Mr. Policeman sir, I just saw a man on a motorcycle! Can you please arrest him!".

  5. You are kidding aren't you :p

    How are we all tarred with the same brush from that :?:

    The "accountant" and "lawyer" tag
    would relate to how OMCG recruit these professionals so that they can have that expertise at hand from "brothers".

    I've heard the MRAA get excited over nothing, well here's proof :p :p :p
  6. Hehe, surely!


  7. Yup, a beat-up alright.
    At least in the MRA's defense, they didn't initiate this one.
  8. I'm furious.

    They've compared me to accountants and lawyers!
  9. Don't you have to be a well paid accountant or lawyer to be able to afford the Harley's that these motorcycle gangs ride?

  10. So the MRA is now spelt MA Sheesh :shock:
  11. Yes, but the MRA president is seemingly further distributing it, and thus thinks it's a worthy issue .... as equally as bad as the author.
  12. LOL :LOL: Don't tar us with THAT brush.
  13. oh gads I'm really doomed... I ride a bike, I'm training to be a lawyer, and I live with an accountant.

    Should I just shoot myself now and be done with it???
  14. Nah just wait for the cops to do it & save yourself the cost of a bullet! pmsl!
  15. Hey - Don't shoot me. I was only passing it on.

    Note - I haven't made any comment - and my as I run a business that is affected by this sort of crap, I should have quite a bit to say about it.

    But, its interesting to see what everyone else thinks.... :grin:

    Its interesting you know - the most common question that I get asked by the hundreds of members of the public, who I take for a joyride each year is, "Are you a member of a gang/club?" - alluding to this sort of vision as to the "bikie image".

    Yes, the evidence that I see and the feedback I get from Joe Public supports evrything thing that this guys craps on about....... Its the public perception and explains the treatment we get...... why the law makers won't listen to us....
  16. :roll:

    If you had spent 10 seconds to bother looking at crikey.com you would have known it's a parody site.
  17. Yeah - parodying what most of the public is already saying.... and thinking (and to think the Islamics are worried - its us too :shock: :p ).

    We can all have a great laugh about this - but, take it fom one who is speaking to Joe Public frequently - this IS what they are thinking and saying to me.......

    Most Joe Publics can't tell the diffference between a "patch club member" and a normal motorcycle rider.....

    Believe it or Not :p :p

  18. I think most people would not ask you (if any?) if you didn't ride a harley + open face helmet. Full faced helmet/that styling clothes + sport/tourer/etc don't get (most) people to think bikie gang but harley + open faced helmet certainly can do it. When was the last time you saw a patched club member riding a 'jap bike' with full faced helmet riding in the street? I think that's the difference.
  19. True. I got asked when I was in my black trad leathers and riding a cruiser,
    now I ride a sports and wear race leathers and I never get asked.

    When was the last time you saw a Bandido or HA in a Toy Run? I can't
    remember one. Seriously though, I think anyone who reads that far
    through the article must realise it is aimed squarely at the outlaw
    gangs only, not that young lass in high heels on the Vespa. Even
    though the last sentence is poorly worded.
  20. agree entirely
    people see all harley riders with open faced helmets as "bikIES" as opposed to "bikERS"

    Not a single person has asked me, on my Cb250, with my full face helmet, whether I'M a memebr of an outlaw motorcycle gang!