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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cala90, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    After recently getting our learners and plenty of research my partner and I have come across the CRF250L (we want a dual sport bike, seems to be relatively good for the price). Was just wondering if anyone on here has one and can share some info on them? We've looked at the WR250R but can't really justify the extra $$$..


  2. Theres a decent amount of info on advrider forum about it. I havent owned one but like the idea of a cheap fi dual sport.
  3. Thanks mate, I'll check it out!
  4. You could google a report/review on the bike or look at some review on YouTube. I had a KLX250S for a couple of years and loved that little bike it was great and I can highly recommend it. From what I have read the Honda is even better than the Kawasaki, now that it comes with fuel injection. So If you like the look and feel of the bike, then go for it. They say that the WR has more power, but I don't think that justifies the price difference.
  5. Yep thanks mate, I checked out a few videos on YouTube most people seem happy with them! I was originally looking at the KLX but then decided I definitely wanted fuel injection.. I agree about the WR.. Doesn't seem to justify almost $3000 more than the CRF.
  6. If one bike is built in Japan and the other in Thailand that could easily account for the price differential.....
  7. The wr dies come in that nice motard version though.

    Its also got a lot more aftermarket support if you want to adv it, i think a 20l tank is available.

    As a learner i would probably still go the honda unless you have a lot of dirt riding exp