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CRF250 needs lowering

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by DosPerros, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. My surly nephew has just bought himself a rather worked CRF250 and the poor bugger cannot touch the ground - I'm guessing he is about 5'3". Perhaps he is developing slowly for a 30yr old!
    He has found a rear linkage replacement to lower the back by 2" and the forks are pulled up a little through the triple clamps as much as possible but this still results in an imbalance to the front/rear ride height and a slackening of the head angle from standard.
    Are there any options for lowering the forks apart from pushing the triple clamps down some more ? I'm wondering if it is feasible to cut a spring or insert/remove internal spacers etc.
    Any ideas?

  2. You can try getting in touch with Chad's Offroads, they / he does a lot of suspension, often on MXTV doing stuff etc, AJ's in Shepparton, (KTM joint) also does supension, and or try Dave at riders edge on bell st in heildburg, good source of info, another option is check out the Dirt BIke World forum site..
    cheers al
  3. I'm interested in the standard rear linkage if he's not planning on refitting it.

    Cutting the springs won't be an option. If there are preload washers in place removing them will help a little. Also, with a breadknife, sander and staple gun you can very effectively get a lower seat height cutting down the standard seat foam a little.

    At 5'3" though, I'd guess he's prob very light as well? I would personally have the suspension rebuilt professionally.
  4. many thanks guys

    I'm currently in contact with Chad regarding the options. This has now got me thinking about the Girlie's scooter which has appalling suspension. Might give that a seeing too as well.
  5. Be careful with lowering a bike with just swapping out a rear linkage.
    Sure it might do the job, but the suspension geometry will be off and might cause the bike to handle funny.

    Sure i guess its alright for your everyday rider, but if you have one of those bikes you would really want it ot be the best it could be!