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Creepy rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by arlennnn, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So I was with a bunch of mates watching creepy videos to pass the time. Safe to say we all got a little creeped out. On my ride home the fog was intense, and it doesn't help that I ride down empty back roads to get home. So I was pretty on edge riding the bike.

    I then pass a cemetery and the fog becomes insanely dense. Suddenly to the left of me I see some guy walking on the side of the road. Mind you, it was around 11:30pm when this happened. It scared the crap out of me!!!:eek:

    Just as soon as he appeared, he disappeared into the fog. I twisted the throttle and was out of there quick smart. Anyone else have any other creepy experiences on their rides?

  2. HTFU ya girl!!! lol :rofl:
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  3. +1 ..big girls blouse....bear mace solves everything.
  4. ...everything.
  5. Haha let me be! I blame the ghost videos
  6. Nice story. I've had that experience too: a good, strong imagination, combined with a recent bout of haunting films, and then a slow ride alone through a forest at night....

    Motorcycles are vulnerable vehicles.

    How do you know that the spirit you saw didn't jump on the back and come home pillion? If you feel like something is watching you over the coming days, that's a sure sign....

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  7. There is a thread somewhere here on this topic. Fked if I can find it though. Does anyone know? It was an interesting thread too.
  8. thank god I have a rear cowl! haha

    yeah I was trying to look for that too to post in, couldn't find it either
  9. Not necessarily a creepy ride, but this reminded me of a story an Indonesian woman told me 10 years ago when I was doing some work there. In Central Kalimantan (Borneo), there was ethnic tension between Dayak and Madurese people in a traditionally Dayak area where Madurese had been relocated as part of a government program. This ended badly and the Madurese driven out. The Dayaks had been headhunters, and the violence included decapitations with machetes.

    Anyhoo, apparently there was a particular bridge in this area where people crossing it at night reported seeing headless figures walking along.
  10. Speaking of creepy. How would you like to see someone wearing this helmet on a dark foggy night near a cemetery? And yes, it's a real helmet designed in Italy. Creeps me out.

  11. When I ride home from work in the fog at night at anything over $1.10 there is a tree stump that people put reflectors on for eyes (he also gets bunny ears or a santa hat and beard seasonally)

    But to me, as I zoom past he looks like some kind of etheral cat demon ready to pounce.

    Regardless of our objective reasoning skills we can all be fooled by our own brains.
  12. My mum (who is also Indonesian) use to tell lots of stories like this, they love their paranormal stories/movies.

    I think I'd be okay if I saw her wearing it :p

    +1, doesn't help that I love ghost stories, and love reading them at night. haha
  13. try Wiseman's ferry or Jenolin caves at night in the fog
  14. Hmmm....not bike related but I found the Ghost Tour at Port Arthur Jail (Tasmania) REALLY Creepy.
  15. When my friend gets his bike permit, we plan on doing a bit of a "ghost" cruise. Going from apparent haunted spot to haunted spot. Leaving a brown streak in our wake
  16. Nice hat
    Bet no one ever offers her a hand
  17. Do you've list of haunted sites in Victoria?
  18. Know the "piliga"? Ride that at night, let me know how you go ;)
  19. Pilliga Scrub = Yowie country
  20. we've got a couple we're keen on, a few places in mt dandy, the larundel mental institution in bundoora.

    if I was in NSW I'd definitely give it a shot