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Creepy Journeys

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Archaeon, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Yes - I've had first hand experience!

    5 vote(s)
  2. Yes - I'm a firm believer, but haven't exp one personally

    3 vote(s)
  3. Hmm - I'll believe it when I see/hear/feel/experience it

    6 vote(s)
  4. Hmm - There's a scientific explanation to everything, even if I experience it first hand.

    5 vote(s)
  5. No - What a load of crap! I suppose you want me to believe Aliens seeded the planet too...

    8 vote(s)
  1. Have you ever been on a ride somewhere, and along the way you see, hear or feel something that is ... a little off...?

    Maybe you've had a long day, maybe you were damn tired and your eyes started to play tricks on you.... or maybe.. just maybe, your spiritual self made a connection...

    A topic for unexplained encounters and sh*t that just totally creeps you out big time... We're not talking phobias, I'm talking about weird, bizarre, unexplained, and a cold chill type of creepy stuff! Doesn't necessarily have to be bike related, but if its to do with a journey, cruise, trip etc, it'd be awesome. All supernatural stories / first hand exp welcome!

    I'll start,

    I was riding along cowpasture road, Sydney west, near Bossley Park.. Time would have been about 11:30 pm ... ish.. Was riding home from mates place.. temperature dropped significantly more so than normal, which I didn't think too much of, temps change all the time..


    I grabbed a handful of brake and put some serious force onto the rear brakes as I see this man in white just walked onto the road as though crossing the road, from out of nowhere! Two lane stretch of road, swerved to the left and came to a stop shortly after. (There were no other cars in either direction) with the engine still running, I looked back and couldn't see anyone.

    Two lanes each way, fenced off open land to one side and more trees and empty land on the other. I was heading south, away from the big roundabout. I got off my bike, took a good look around (in case I frightened the guy.. and also wanted to give em the finger!) But there wasn't anyone around. Not a person, not a car, nothing. At this point the temp was still pretty chilly, but again I thought nothing of it. So I got back on the bike, and headed off, and like walking into a heated shop on a cold winters day, the temp went back up, by what felt like at least 5-6 degrees.

    .. But where was this "person" that caused me to swerve...? Nowhere in sight.. I can still remember approaching this "person".. definitely didn't hit em, and sure as hell wasn't under any influences of any kind.

  2. I've heard similar stories about the wakehurst parkway witch. Apparently she comes out at night and walks in front of you then disappears. I don't really believe it but the few times I've ridden it late at night have freaked the shit out of me.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  3. I have a mate who used to be a truckie, and he absolutely hated driving the Hay Plains at night. Something about the place scared the living snot out of him. I don't think he ever saw anything, it was more a feeling, but he actively tried to avoid being there at night.
  4. I was riding north west of Brisbane a couple of years ago and noticed a silver "ball" bouncing in and out of a cloud. It looked like it was playing and having fun. I kept an eye on it for abut 10 minutes and it didn't stop the whole time.
  5. I popped 24 no-doz when I experienced some crazy shit... but thats not even a -scientific- explanation...
  6. No, everything has a scientific explanation. No offence bro, but you be hallucinatin. Flashback?

    I do freak myself out when I pass a tree stump near work at night, it has reflector eyes.

    At a dollar and gst it looks just like an gigantic etheral cat.
  7. archaeon - there he is - in the bottom right hand corner of your second picture.....

    As far as paranormal goes though I haven;t had any diorect experience of that. However I have had a "feeling" sometimes which has paid off. Many years ago I was riding my Honda at full tilt (not that impressive as it was a 250) toward a crest when an extreme feeling of unease coursed thorugh me. I got on the picks and came over the hill slowly.. to be confronted with a god awful accident whcih had happened recently. Emergency services were just starting to put out warning cones for traffic. That odd feeling had probably saved my life.
  8. Maybe..... but our understanding and perhaps our capacity to understand may also be so limited as to be practically insignificant. Then again maybe not.
  9. :rofl: He's not white!
  10. :grin: I know I wasn't trippin' or tired to the extent where my mind was playing funny business. It was as real as an actual person crossing the road. Maybe it was some drunk that was walking around lost, and got spooked by me, and ran back among the trees from where he came out from *shrugs*
  11. More likely someone trying to **** with you for the fun of it. If I lived on a completely dead street I would probably do the same thing.
  12. C'mon guys .. thought this topic would go off!!

    Surely someone somewhere has stories to tell.. out in the bush... holidays overseas..? :grin:
  13. I come from a family where a open mind was always kept, And a Aunty who was a very firm believer that she could contact the other side.
    No real personal experiences, but there is a lot we don't know, If it was something unexplainable you have at least a great story, and though you may never know why, were lucky and priveledged enough to see something most never will
  14. I think this stuff was done to death recently ---> https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=132120
    An open mind is fine as long as it's not so open that your brains fall out...
  15. ... oh.. totally missed that thread..
  16. i had 2 ****ed up encounters

    one night was out hunting for about 4 hours so probably around 3-4am when i gave up on shooting anything Elsa packed up and jump on my bike it about 30km from the hunting place to home riding along got the 12G hanging over my shoulder out in the middle of nowhere up a head theres what looks like a cow in the middle of the road nothing out of the normal for this road thought i better slow down anyway when i was about 5-10m away(and i know your all going to laugh at me for what i say happened next) it strode up on it back legs this thing stood about 2m tall and had horns of course i ****ing shit my self and grabbed way to much brake and when over the handle bars hit the ground and by the time i looked back to where it was it was gone and to this day i still have no clue what it was but the image of it is permanently engraved in my mind
    and from what i have heard I'm not the only one to see this thing

    as for the second one was driving home one night along the highway between Byron bay and mullumbimby about 10 at night and there was this chick on the side of the road hitching in a swimming suit so i pulled over to pick her up and i asked her she was going she said tweed i was only going to mullum put i would give her a lift that far so she got in i drove off got to the turn off to mullum looked in the back seat and she was gone and i know I'm not the only one to pick her up there one of my mates has and one of my teachers have and we all tell the same story same colored swimmers same spot

    maybe I'm just a magnet for the ****ed up

    sorry for the lack of grammar
  17. I reckon Putty Road would be creepy at night. Have to do a summer night run sometime to investigate.
  18. Ha ha I'm pretty concrete. If ya cant eat it, play with it or........... Then I don't care. I have enough to worry about.
    Funny story but very true.
    Even better Gavin the rep for Motul, MSR so forth for the north coast was sitting at my desk with me. So yeah it can be backed up.
    Stuff me. I am training paramedics on bikes. This one girl is like hugely qualified as a para.
    As a rider she really shouldn't have been there.
    I knocked her out. She really wanted it and I did feel bad.
    Anywho she came in later in the week and I was at my desk with Gav and she wanted to go over it with me.....again.
    One section of the run down this hill is really twisty and off camber. Really hard to hold a tight line on a big fat bike and keep your speed up.
    She went over the lines on almost every corner.
    Get this.
    I know she said. Dead people were there. I see them all the time. But there were quite a few going down that range.
    I said dead people ??? Like I am trying my best to hold a strait I'm not changing my mind face.
    Gavin is red trying to hold in his laughter and we just cant look at each other.
    Yes she says. I see them all the time. Specially at the hospital.

    I lost it and just farken laughed. Gavin was pissing himself and even this lady was.
  19. [​IMG] It's quite interesting that some people are confident enough about their own "connection" that they are prepared to openly speak about what would otherwise be considered "loopy-talk" among the broader community.

    But so not to discourage encounters or stories of the nth dimension, I have another one to share, this one second hand, from a guy who i've known for a good eight-ish years.

    They were out fishing in a tinny, him his g/f and another couple. Didn't catch the location, but it was south of Sydney. It was around lunch time. Nothing out of the normal until they anchored near a cliff edge, complete with trees, shrubbery and weeds or sorts.

    One of the girls (mate's g/f) saw what appeared to be a figure near one of the rock formations. The formation itself apparently wasn't suitable to sit or climb; however a small boat, canoe etc could reasonably go close enough under it to seek shelter, though from what was described, very unlikely anyone would do that given the surroundings (there were much better places close by with more tree cover, sand bay etc)

    Anyway, this got the four of them looking at the formation and the surrounding area. The chick that first spotted it said it was static (not moving), and just to the left of the formation, is a standing position.

    My mate swears he couldn't see sh^t, and even now is undecided. The other chick also couldn't see anything, but the other guy had described the figure of what he saw, and my mates g/f was agreeing with him. The figure described was adult height, wearing light blue shirt, appeared to have jeans or some blue tracks on, and was standing with arms on either side of its hips. It appeared to be looking away from the shore, into the water, but it was unclear which direction it was actually looking (if at all)

    When my mate prompted to move the tinny closer, he was vetoed by all three, claiming that that sort of stuff was not worth the curiosity. Even if it was a bad joke, the three of them refused to get any closer, and decided to go to another area, away from this spot. The other chick said she saw nothing, but was scared anyway.

    Mates G/F reinforces this story, by saying "even if Vinh didn't see it, it doesn't mean I'm hallucinating" - she even went to the temple the day after to pray and got one of them Asian yellow triangle things for protection. She says that this was not some prank they orchestrated, and she honestly cannot explain why she and the other dude could see what my mate and the other chick didn't.

    To this day, they cannot be certain whether there was actually a human figure there with them that day; however it is quite fascinating how even if you are skeptical or totally don't believe in the paranormal (Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation) one will still hold a reservation, maybe even fear of finding out. As is the case with the other chick who was very against going closer, even though she couldn't see what the other two could.
  20. Hmm good old putty.. will be traveling too fast to notice much :grin: