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Creepy crawlies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. its been a few decades since the last time i had a huntsman crawl on the INSIDE of my car winscreen, so i was caught by complete surpise yesterday when i was minding my own business sitting at the lights, on my way to a beautiful winters day ride.....when a hunstman decideds to crawl out from under the tank and greet me. it tried to swat it off but it ran back under the tank.

    then i started thinking what could it get to if it crawled on me, my while riding....

    i suppose of few of you with older bikes may have had similar experiences.
  2. Now I'm going to have to check inside my helmet every time before I put it on.
  3. Riding with my visor a few cm's open, and a bee made itself welcome into my helmet... scumbag bee.
  4. pffft, you haven't lived till you've been stung on the eyebrow by a bee with the visor open, that hurt!!!!
  5. Got stung on the neck whilst out riding..felt the bastard before he got me. That hurt.
    Only had one huntsman on the bike, and luckily he made an appearance whilst the bike was parked in @streetmaster's garage, so I didn't have to deal with him. Witnessed his crushed body on the garage floor tho..
  6. In my car diy days i put the old girl up on blocks (the car, not the other half), and crawled underneath to remove the oil filter. Wangled/crawled myself into position, started putting pressure on the filter with a bar......... and a freaking big huntsman dropped down onto my chest..........
    I immediately sh*t myself, leapt up and nutted the gearbox, then got clumped by the bar on it's way down as i dropped it.

    I swear that huntsman went back to his mate's to collect a round of high 5's.
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  7. A reason to always wear eye protection on 2 wheels. Twice while on a bicycle I copped some form of stinging insect on the right eye, both time sting ended up in the little bit of flesh just in the corner inside the eye lid,

    Must have an allergy by this point in life, in 5 minutes in both cases eye was swollen shut and looked like my eyeball was the size of a tennis ball. Now I have some clear glasses just for riding the bicycle when it's dark.
  8. It's far worse than that Al, it made your skin go green too
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  9. No I ran out of eczema cream.

    Actually it did look a bit like that, but only one eye. Clamped shut. Add expletives.
  10. When I lived in the states and Europe where you cant ride for months in winter you have to seal your airbox and pipe cause critters use to make homes in them.
  11. Was a hot day, so had my leathers slightly open riding along the black spur. Bloody wasp finds is way inside. I'm going round a corner flat stick and start to feel sharp stings. Had to pull over and start swatting my leathers trying to kill it. Bugger got me 17 times before I got him.
  12. Riding out in central Vic - we stopped for a water break......I put my lid down next to the shade of the rear wheel....

    It wasn't until we were a couple of K's down the road that it dawned on me....that tickly feeling in my ears.....it was ANTS......bloody little bastard crawled into my helmet...
  13. OK, that may be worse than my experience of having a spider crawl all over my face on the freeway one morning. Slapped face, realised it's a full-face helmet. Ended up opening the visor for a couple of seconds, which did the trick. Good thing the traffic was moving freely.
  14. Had the pleasure of feeling a small spider crawl into my ear while in traffic.
    Despite wearing safety/sun glasses on the posty, every single blood bug finds it's way under them and into my eye.
    Best on was a tiny xmass beetle that landed on my bottom eye lid and started to dig. Clamped my eye shut for a second as a reflex, which only made it worse.
  15. oh yeah. been there done that. The bugger crawled over my instruments while I was stopped at some lights. Instinct kicked in and I flicked it off to my left. Unfortunately there was a car on my left, and it landed on his windscreen, just as the lights changed. Needless to say I got out of there pretty quick o_O
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  16. Oh, and then there were the two wasps that flew into my slightly open visor one day. Luckily for me, they didn't fly straight in, but did a sort of pinball bounce up and down btw the edge of the open visor and the chinbar a few times, then flew out. I could almost hear the pinball bells dinging... it was probably my heart going at a million miles an hour.
  17. I walked face first into a decent sized cobweb years ago, with the spider (huge) coming to rest right on the side of my mouth, and at least one leg actually went in. Im sure it was a near world record for brushing the thing off and it must have been hurled 50 metres or more into the bush as a reflex action.
  18. I've discovered a huntsman on my clutch lever once before. Turned off the road steering with my right hand only and let the bike stall its self to a stop. Proceeded to beat the shit out of anything that looked like it could house a spider and walked away for an hour to grab a feed. Thankfully he hasn't re-emerged so I can only think that using my motorcycle as a drum was enough to scare him off.

    This came up on my FB feed today to, good for a giggle.
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  19. Unknown to me, I had a spider crawl into the pocket of my pyjama pants while they were on the clothes line. While in bed, I rolled over onto said spider. It retaliated by biting me on the right arse cheek. Hard.

    In my half sleep, half crazed pain, I grabbed it and squashed it between my fingers. I then work up properly, realised what I'd done and started to hyperventilate. I mistook that for me dying so I called 000.

    I ended up laying in the emergency dept of Dandenong hospital for four hours. With everyone wanting to look at my arse cheek. And secretly laughing behind my back.

    It was one of these buggers...known as a slater eating spider.

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  20. Another one with a small spider in helmet. First couple of months on my RE's, I was going round Mt Coo Tha, when there was a real tickle in my ear, then it went away. Then the tickle came back, but worse. Got to the point I was trying to scratch but had my helmet on!!!
    So pulled over take my helet off, inspect inside only to find a small spider....