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Credit rating

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. So, i get approved for a 5,000 dollar loan for a bike, yet i get denied 500-700 dollars over 2 years for a mobile phone.
    8) Ghey!

  2. That's prob because they can re-claim the bike and sell it whereas the phone is not worth the plastic it's made out of.
  3. Phones get lost or stolen a lot easier than a bike + the finance company or bank would've required you to Comp insure the bike so they can get a fair bit back from them if you trash or lose the bike, and then screw you for the rest of the money owed. :roll:
  4. I know how you feel! When i was livin at home makin 41gs a year payin no rent or bills or nothin i couldnt get any credit at all.

    Once i moved out and had fcuk all money, every financial institution was throwin money at me.

    I remember a couple of years ago i wanted to get one of those interest free things from harvey norman for a computer and they knocked me back. So i tried again to get a Playstation2 and a game for $500 and pay a $450 dollar deposit. So i was payin $50 bucks back over 2 years and they still knocked me back!
  5. I'll try a telstra shop next if that fails i just buy one outright. sigh
  6. About insurance.. if im required to have full comp, they would of told me right. Not just think that im gonna read the fine print. The manager asked me if im gonna get insurance.. i said "yes" he didnt ask whether full comp or 3rd party.

  7. Nah if they were gonna take the bike as security they would have at very least asked you for a cover note. Its just a personal loan right?

    For that kinda money you shouldnt even have to tell em what your doin with it...
  8. why would you borrow money to buy a phone?
  9. Yeah i dunno, but thats what alot of places do.

    Ive had a few fancy phones lately with cameras and all that crap. They always play up though and i go back to using the old nokia 5110 siitin in the draw. Never lets me down. Even when it slid off the dash and out the car window at 120ks and bounced a few times on the highway, a few scratches but still works fine!
  10. eh? i just wanted to go on a plan as it works out alot cheaper in the end and i was even gonna lash out and put an extra 8 dollars a month for insurance (for when i get drunk, wake up and i cant find my phone)

  11. Yeah just try not do do it too many times as the excess gets pretty hefty, especially with alot of people "losing" their phones when the new beaut one comes out payin the little extra to get the new model. I had a "few" too many drinks once and when the reception cut out on my phone i thought it a good idea to peg it at a wall. For some reason the insurance company said that particular incident wasnt covered under my policy....
  12. Lol mik.... shoulda said it just fell out of your pocket and smashed againts a brick wall
  13. Yeah could of just said i lost it. Problem is i cant afford to insure anything as it is because premiums are so rediculously high.And id be a hypocrite if i did after all the complaining i do about premiums. Had a look for interests sake at insurance for a nice new 600 for when i get off restrictions. QBE quoted 5k.

    Least its not as bad as when i first bought the vn ss and insurance companies wanted 6k a year. The car was lucky to be worth much more than that.
  14. You'd be silly not to have insurance on anything under finance as if it goes missing you need to replace it (another loan) and still have to pay off the original purchase, so you end up paying double (kinda).

    My 1st car was only 3rd party for a few months until I could afford full comp but I've had full comp insurance on all my cars since for some xx years now. (xx= a long time :p )

    Mind you 1st car was an LC Torana (161, Opel 4sp, etc), 2nd car was a 308 VK Intereceptor and did I have trouble getting insurance as a 22yo :roll: but SIO came to the rescue, had it for 8 claim free years. Every other car (3 of them) since have been normal looking plain ordinary Crumbledoors :)