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Credit Cards

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the pom, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Cant belive the phone call I just had. Virgin credit cards just rang me and said someone is on a spending spree with my credit card. They asked me has my card been out of my sight or has it been used in the old manual style credit card machines. While in Sydney on bussiness last week the cabbie told me his eftpos machine wasn't working and he had to use the old machine to copy my card. It would apear that the card has now been cloned. They managed to get away with buying lunch for $180 in a resturant in Sydney but then got greedy and tried to buy $18,000 worth of furniture. The amount made the store suspisius and they contacted virgin who have now blocked my card. The moral of the story is dont let anyone use your card in the old style card machines.

  2. its the bit of carbon ..between sheets, thats the problem

    If you do have to use an old style 'click on/click off' machine
    where you/the sales assistant/cabbie have to insert your card
    on a platen in the imprinting machine.....
    grab the carbon sheet and destroy it :twisted:

  3. doesn't stop a person from writing down the number before they hand in the paper copy to whomever...
  4. Or just have fraud protection on your card so then you are covered!

  5. What does that service cost and who provides it, Bro G?
  6. VISA do fraud protection if you notify them of fraud within a certain time and havent been publishing photos of your card on "stealmycredit dot com".
  7. Lol so thats what you were doing with my card last night Marktor u prick :p
  8. Virgin is a MasterCard
  9. OMG!!! Lucky they got them before they spent too much money.. Do you have to pay for their dinner?

    And what colour card di you get? We got black.. But I wanted pink!!

  10. Happened to me in Sydney in 2000. Someone stole my credit card details and bought $1000 worth of Scuba gear. I told the Bank of Melbourne that they were unauthorised transactions and proved I was in Melbourne during that time. They reversed the transaction and then fought it out with the proprietor of the Scuba shop, turns out he lost all the gear and $1000.
  12. You will find the big financial institutions are very good at detecting potential fraud on cards and contacting people immediately when the systems detect "any out of character" spending.
  13. Know him rather well do you pete? 8)
  14. ok, ok, typo of the day.

    The guys "at" virgin said...................
  15. On this subject. I had over $3000 fraudulently deducted from my card a few years ago and the bank accepted my explanation that I hadn't spent the money, someone else had and credited it all back to me very quickly. I was impressed.
  16. whilst in thailand a few years ago, i had my visa card stolen out of my wallet (hence i didn't realise it had been taken for about 24 hours). in that time they bought just over $10K worth of stuff so you can imagine my surprise when i tired to get the equivalent of $100 from an ATM only to be told it was maxed out. :eek:

    i called visa straight away and explained what had happened and pointed out that i was over 400km away from where the purchases were made)... came back to sydney, filled in a stat dec and the money was recredited :)
  17. Bro G, are you referring to schemes like Secure Sentinel Credit Card Protection for CBA?
  18. Interesting story nods, I had a somewhat similar experience back in the early 90's.
    I purchased some scuba gear over the phone from a dive operator in Sydney and used my bank card to pay for it.
    When the gear arrived it was sub-standard quality so I rang and informed him that I would be returning the gear for a full refund as outlined in his sales brochure.
    he was not happy about this and the fact that I questioned the price he had deducted as it was more than the advertised price, and he ended up reluctingly agreeing to accept the goods back and re-credit my card.

    Back in the post it went and I thought nothing more of it until I had a letter from the bank to tell me that my card was overdrawn.

    The utter bastard had decided that it would be better to simply charge the same amount again instead of issueing a credit and to make matters worse the bank (which bank) said that as I had made a phone purchase there was nothing that could be done to help.

    It all looked fairly dismall for a while, but eventually with some persuasion he ended up seeing the light. 8)

    I haven't had a credit card since.
  19. I've also been hit and had to make a statement to the bank (National). Simple as actually. Got my cash back in about a week.
  20. Also, do not let your credit card out of your sight when paying for something at restaurants or retail stores. They can swipe it on a small machine & record the numbers. This scam has been all over the current affairs programs recently.

    I use internet banking, so it's simple to check your account regularly for any suspicious transactions.