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Creative route requests: Melbourne - Traralgon

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by robsalvv, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Going to visit the folks on Sunday - they live in Traralgon.

    I'm looking over the maps to see how much of the princes hwy I wish to avoid and enjoy the trip on two wheels... usually I just scoot down the hwy, but not this time.

    Seems like there are some good options to take me through the hills to around the Berwick area... But I'm looking for additional suggestions!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Rob, here is a nice ride I have got from another site, I plan to do this one at my first opportunity and it heads down towards Traralgon Map and Directions. 8)
  3. As stolen from a "Moike" post:

    Start in Melbourne, take the Monash and Sth Gippsland highways to Lang Lang. through Lang Lang to Poowong, Loch, south to Archie's creek, Wonthaggi. North to Kongwak and Korumburra, Leongatha, head toward Mirboo North but turn right about 2 k out and take the back road to Mirboo Nth. (tasty) Lunch at the brewery. Turn north onto the Morwell road, and left after about 7 ks to Thorpdale. Enjoy one of the nicest sets of open, climbing bends anywhere. It's like a climbing "S" bend, except its "SSSSS".
    On through hills to Trafalgar. Turn left, take the hwy to Warragul, then north through all the Neerims to Noojee, Hill end and willow grove, round the back of Yallourn north.

    From there cut back in to Traralgon.

    It'd be a big ride, but lots of fun!
  4. Or, when you get to Mirboo Nth, head to Boolara. A nice, but tight road. Then through to Yinnar, Churchill and the back road to T'gon.

    Or head to Yarra Junction, then Powelltown, Noojee, then to Neerim Sth, then find the Old Sale Road that takes you to Moe, then out the back up to Walhalla via the Baw Baw Rd, then into Tyers and into T'gon.
  5. ...as per xxsteve's map.
    Past Noojee (outbound, dir. east) there's another 60km or so return to bawBaw, worthwhile, if tricky.
    All sealed, but usually quite a bit of fine gravel on the road, 2 right-handers with small springs bleeding water permanently through the tar-seal, dropped branches scattering lumps and bits of wood all over the road...but a brilliant ride to the top carpark. Magnificent views across the Latrobe Valley. Add about 90mins for the return from/to Icy Creek turnoff.

    Outbound through Willow Grove to the T-junction at the end, turn Left, then about 1-2km later Right again. Follow the gentle rollercoaster to signs to Traralgon.
    No Princess-crap at all :)
  6. Coming from Thorpedale into Trafalgar, turn into a shallow-angle road (about 100-150m into town) on the left, it hits the Princess about 200m further on. BP? servo on the corner (Premium=yes)
    Across the Princess here (and through the boom-gates), follow the road all the way to Willow Grove, turn left towards Icy Creek T-junction, then either Right up the hill for a return run to Mt. BawBaw, or left up the hill to Noojee/ Powelltown/ Yarra Junction.

    So many roads, so little time. :)
  7. ...I'm salivating already... it's a smorgasbord!! =P~ =P~

    Great route planner site Steve! :applause:

    In the words of H.Simpson... aaararggllrlrrlrlrlgghgh =P~

    By the way, can anyone give me an idea of the type/condition of road between Powell town - Noojee - Moe...

    Keep em coming!

    Thanks in advance!
  8. Exactly. :cry: :D

    I thought about mjt57's Boolarra detour too, but everytime I've been along the Mirboo Nth -> Boolarra section it's always been wet and slippery, esp. in the corners.

    All depends on how much time there is.. Could always follow the G.R.Road from Mirboo Nth through Gunyah, out behind Jumbuk, and come back down the hill from Blackwarry into Traralgon. This road has some 'dirty' sections too though..
  9. Powelltown-Noojee= tight, twisty, bush can keep it shady and damp, loose gravel in lefthanders, 2. half are mid-to-high-speed sweepers.
    Turn L into Noojee, mind the first left/right combo psta the trout-farm, they're sharper than they look.
    Through Noojee and after that it's twisties, once up the hill it opens up to Icy Creek.
    Bush, tight twisties (gravel bark , blind corners) for the next 20km towards Willow Grove, then opens up to fairly fast sweepers, but road is a bit rough/ choppy in places (but good and usually clean).
    Mind the righthander with the hayshed/ farm buildings on the left, there's a wide gravel apron on the left, gravel has the same colour as the road and the bend looks far wider than it is.

  10. Thankyou guys!

    I think I'll take the south of princes hwy options next time.

    At the moment, I'm settling on: http://tinyurl.com/9xo76

    I may take a left to Walhalla/Blue rock dam then come back down through Tyers... we'll see.

    Thanks Glitch for the road tips. I'll take them on board.

    Any more suggestions????


  11. Ahh, it's a great site for planning a trip if you want too know how long it will take you Rob. All the guesswork is gone, now you just need a GPS to guide you. :D
  12. If you are going home via freeway, take the Hernes Oak turn off. It is the first offramp after crossing the Morwell River.

    Go along that road heading towards the Yallourn powerstation. You will come to a T intersection coming in from the right. Keep going.
    You are now in the Haunted Hills. Short but a ripper.

    When it comes out bear left and you will see a set of traffic lights and a bp servo.
    Turn left and go over the freeway, you will see the onramp on your right. back on the freeway for home.

    If you straight though the lights you will go through Moe town. Can get back on freeway again at west end just before McD.
  13. any road north or south of the highway is a ripper. Happy to Help.

  14. Just got back from Walhalla this afternoon, the stretch between Poweltown and Noojee is pretty clear, they had a work crew out this morning removing fallen trees from the storm but everything was gone on the way back. That is one awesome stretch of road it makes you want to turn around and do it again.

    Noojee through to Moe has the odd bit of gravel washed out onto the road but nothing to worry about unless your really moving and a few damp patches while your down next to the river but otherwise all good.

    If you decide to go out to Walhalla the servo's at Erica and Rawson have both shut down so you'll need to have enough fuel for the trip (90km return to Moe)
  15. :D

    Exxxxxcellent tips and suggestions folks - can't wait!

    The weather reports are all ideal too.

    It'll be a buzz to see the Valley from this point of view...



  16. Well, gents,

    thanks for the advice and tips. I did the ride on Sunday. The bike performed faultlessly... can't say the rider did though...

    On the trip report front:

    When they finish the roadworks between gembrook and launching place, they will have created one awesome stretch of road - so long as you're not stuck behind farmer Joe.

    The road between icy creek and willowgrove is one challenging stretch of one lane bitumen!! No indicating speed signs, plenty of over the cliff drop offs, shadows, rough and smooth corners, tight and open bends, wet and dry patches... what a buzz. I rode well within my safety margin... you could be a long time undiscovered if you come a cropper...

    Thankfully I missed the icy creek to willow grove turn off first up was well on the way to Baw Baw before I realised... I was having too much fun. That's a great strip of road.

    I took Brian's Herne's oak detour on the way back. Short but bumpy and challenging. Well worth a squirt! Thanks Brian. Can't count how many time's I've driven straight past it over the years... it'll be included more often than not now.

    I turned up at the folks with the helmet, bike and road gear looking like an insect grave yard, but with a big grin. The strop from Yallourn power station to Tyers has some excellent open free flowing speedy sweepers... very lurvelly.

    All up a great way to get to the folks and will do it again. :D

    Cheers and thanks again.