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Creating new bike shortlist

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Danco, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    TL;DR version of the below is i'm looking for new bike to suit my needs :p

    Seen a few threads of people looking for something similar to what i'm after, but didn't want to hijack other threads so here we are.

    I'm about 6'4 and about 95kgs. I'd love to keep the budget to 10k, but the bike i've been eyeing off so far (Tiger) is just a bit over that, so i'm flexible to a degree, but definately want to stick below 14k on road.
    Primary use for the bike is commuting. Looking for something that is comfortable, more upright, but still has a bit of get up and go.
    Beyond commuting i'm looking for something that can do day trips with ease and a blast through the twisties with some mates every now and then.
    I'm after something that is fairly cheap to maintain and run and will last me for quite some time.

    I love the look of the Triumph Tiger 1050 SE.
    If anyone owns the above, please let me know how you find it.
    I've read that the suspension can need a little tweaking for individual comfort, and the headlights are shit, but most other reviews are very positive and swayed me to put this to the top of my list.

    Alternatively my mate from work, who I also go on the odd ride with is trying to sway me towards a BMW 1200GS. Although the only ones in my price range seem to have 70000ks+. He reckons that's nothing for those bikes, but still if i size it up next to a triumph sitting on 2-5000ks it makes me um and uh, so thoughts on this appreciated.

    Bandit 1250S is another for the list.

    Any other suggestions welcome, creating this list to ensure I cover my bases, then plan to narrow them down a bit by price/looks etc, then go and sit on a dozen or so and take it from there.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. KTM 990 SMT.
  3. Seeing u mentioned alot of get up and go have a look at the ninja 1000. Upright and comfy. 101 kws so will be faster and get around a corner better than the others u mentioned. 12-13 k should get u few year old one with 15000 klms on it
  4. Thanks for the quick replies guys.
    None of the KTM 990 SMTs in Vic at the moment on BikeSales.
    They do look to be pushing a bit higher on the budget range. Do you know how they go with servicing maintenance prices?

    I might need to look closer at a Ninja 1000 thanks basejumper (how do I tag names?)
    Looking at the pics it still looks a bit sportier than the others i've been looking at.
    Do you know how it goes with pillion? Her comfort on day trips is also important :)

    Current bike has heated grips, but probably looking at a bike that suits hand guards as well to provide a bit of wind deflection would be a good plus :)
  5. Look under 'Supermoto T' as well. Bikesales multiple name listings for the same model are a PITA.
    Not as cheap to service as some I admit. Dealers are looking for $500(+) for a minor and $900-$1K for a major with valve clearances done. But a good local mechanic might charge considerably less. They are pretty robust.

    I'm just mentioning it because it's a direct competitor for he Tiger 1050. There are many others that would do the job but I've assumed that you're after something on the tall sport/touring side of things?
    I'd add the 950SM like mine but it's a bit older. Kawa Versys 1000? V-Strom 1000? Aprilia Dorsduro or Tuono?
    Then you've got at least one sporty naked from every manufacturer of you're willing to be a bit scrunched up.
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  6. Put @ in front @Danco@Danco
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  7. Ok will do.
    Agreed about bikesales. Can be a b!tch sometimes.
    As i'm narrowing down the bikes I might speak to my mechanic and see what sort of prices i'd be looking at for the bikes on my list and get his input too :)

    Yeah i think i am looking for that tall sport/touring sort of bike. I'm liking some of the ones that have that bit of adventure look to them too.

    Versys and VStrom are now added to the list.
    I'll check out the Aprilia, although i hadn't even thought of adding one of those to the list as i automatically expect them to be pricey.
  8. Susuki 1250 Bandit ? Cheap, tourer/commuter & large enough for you being 6'4 me thinks :)