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Creating a brighter stop lamp

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Flying is for planes, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I am really ttying to make by brake light more visible to vehicles following.
    I am considering adding more lights, brighter globes and/or installing a module in line with the brake light wire. These modules create 3 short light flashes, followed by 1 long light flash of 3.5 seconds. The signal automatically repeats itself as long as the brakes are applied.


    Has anybody had any experience with a mod like this?. I just dont think a single little red lamp is enough
  2. I image a unit like that would be illegal, could beef up the wiring if necessary and up the bulb wattage, is the lens clean and reflector still clean? chuck in an ADR-approved High Intensity LED "bulb"?
  3. Flying, be careful using a higher wattage bulb - GPX's used to be notorious for melting around the number plate bulb!!!! (Not trying to start a debate here, just friendly advice!! :) )

    Best advice from my Q-Ride instructors and husband - Plan your escape route, check your mirrors and over your shoulder - that way, if they come up fast, you're ready to get the hell outta there!!
  4. Dude, don't screw around. Just get a LED stop light fitted if you must. Low power, bright as nuke! :shock:
  5. I agree high intensity LEDs are the go now days. Although they do not seem to have as long a life as the claims made by the manufacturers. :(

    Try Aussie Motorcycle Components

    Thanks cjvfr, I just found an accessory that will fit my GPX, but my husband doesn't have for his Blackbird!!!
  7. Hmm, when I was driving trucks my HR got its lights swapped to LED's in 04 and when I left at the end of 06 I never had a problem, was driving 8 to 10 hours a day plus left vechile running on breaks. The only time I did come close to a problem was when I backed into a gate post that dinted the out caseing but didn't smash it. To me 2 years of ruff treatement without a stop/fault/or replacing a freaking light bulb was mavelous.
  8. LED's are supposed to have a lifetime of 100,000 and 1,000,000 powered-on hours and are not susceptible to vibration damage like incandescents.

    If your LED tail light fails it's because you cheaped out - either the LED's are being overdriven or some other part of the device failed (this would be evident if each individual LED on the device failed at once)
  9. LED's are great, but bear in mind, most are directional. by this i mean their very bright when you are looking directly into them but stand from the side and they do not appear as bright. in most cases, LED's have a field of view of around 30-40 degrees.
    it really depends on the lens and reflector set up to enable an LED to provide equal all round light.
    in saying that, there are some LED's available (not just for automotive purposes) that have a field of view of up to 120 degrees from behind
  10. Temperature is also a significant killer in LED life and over voltage as you say. My experience using LED stop lamps in cars is that after 18 months they are significantly less bright and eventually fade to the point they are unusable.

    My understanding from a technical perspective is that most modern LEDs are Ultra Violet and use a coating known as a scintillator to get the colour they require. I have not done a lot of research but I think the stability of these scintillators may have problems.. This is a new area of LED research so their long term reliability is unknown.

    All this does NOT mean you should avoid LED lights, I think they are great and definitely the future in a whole lot of lighting applications not only automotive. As a technology it is in rapid evolution at the moment.

  11. I have bought a couple of LED globes to experiment with but have one of these on the way, (4 days from USA)


    It rapidly flashes the taillights the instant you apply the brakes. The flash rate then slows down to a steady ON - this cycle lasts about 4 seconds. It has a 20 watt MODULATING HALOGEN bulb has a dual contact base. The Modulator is built directly into the base while the element is replaceable. Being halogen I understand that it will be a lot brighter than the standard globe.

    I have checked the ADR and there's nothing obvious to make this illegal

    Manufacturer's page http://www.kisantech.com/index.php?cat_id=3
  12. What you are describing flying, is tops. I'd very much like that kind of modulating stop light, the extra visibility and urgency of the light would be fantastic. You'd never get done for it not being ADR compliant tho, even if it wasn't - if you were a cop would YOU defend your decision to disallow someone from using such a great safety device?
  13. hmm a red flashing light.....might have to ask a copper about that but I would thin he would object due to not being allowed to have red or blue flashing lights on a vechile that isn't a copper/firery ect....could be wrong though
  14. I better get a blue one too :) Seriously, its not a repeating flashing light and effectively no different to pumping the brake pedal to warn that you are stopping. I'd bet most cops would assume that's all you are doing.

    Anyay it should arrive by the end of the week so I will let you know what happens if I get stopped
  15. no good, these flashing break lights are non ADR compliant (thats why all the truckies had to remove them) and as some one pointed out, displaying a red flashing light of any sort on a vehicle is illegal - only authorised officers under the relevant Acts. are allowed to display a red and or blue flashing light.
    Trust me - a copper in a dirty mood is gunna ping ya!
  16. Um, pushbikes routinely use flashing red LED rear lights. They also use flashing white front lights. Both are used for safety reasons: Increased visibility. The point that you could replicate the effect by tapping your brakes also has merrit. Would a cop ping you for tapping your brakes?

    Doesn't the ADR specify that you can not have flashing red and blue lights? (Not just one or the other, although blue lights are illegal anyway, or even white lights with too much blue in them.)
  17. The best rear flasher I have seen anywhere is this one. It has different flash patterns depending on how long since you last braked, so when you're crawling in traffic it won't flash, but if you haven't hit the brake in a while it will flash to improve visibility.

    More expensive than some of the alternatives but it's entirely plug and play and I think the variable flash pattern is a great idea.
  18. I think you'll find bicycles are exempt from this as they are from alot of other regs that registered vehicles have to abide by.

    as far as red and blues go, the regs actually says "....display red and/or blue...."

    as someone who works in an industry where red and blues are used ((no i'm not a copper), i'm only an ar##hole) i know you can interpret the wording as saying you can display a red only light, but like i said previously, if you come accross a copper in a bad mood he's gunna get ya for it.