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creakkk, groannn. headset bearings?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fallen, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. gday all! hope for some help here!

    i recently purchased a 94 CBR600 with 37K on the clock and in fantastic condition, no scratches drops etc...

    just recently what had been some slight creaking noise has become louder and worrying!!

    if i'm riding along at anyspeed under 60 or so and pull my clutch in and just glide down the road(so i can hear it and not the exhaust note), i hear a fair bit of creaking and groaning coming from the forks. this is more evident and pronounced upon turning, especially at low speeds..

    what do you reckon? headset bearings? i just think its pretty low mileage for that to be happenin...

    any help would be appreciated! thanks a lot!

  2. 37k is pretty high for a modern bike. especially a 600/4.

    My guess would be the forks need rebuilding.

    Steering head bearings is also a possibility.

    Also check the frame isn't cracked where the steering head yolk meets the frame.
  3. A test for the headstem bearings is to jack up the bike so the front wheel is off the ground and then gently turn the steering. Feel for any notchyness or anything that is just not smooth. When that test is complete you can take hold of the front wheel and attempt to move it forward or back (carefully) if you get movement here then you have a problem.

    You could always get someone to sit on the bike with you near the forks and get them to press down and compress the forks. you may be able to hear where the noise is coming from..
  4. ibast: forks definately a possibility, at least a drain & refill of the fork oil wouldn't hurt. I'd only bother with seals if there seemed to be pitting on the inner fork tube or there were oil marks being left on them.

    I'd be putting my money on headstem bearings though. lets see what happens :)
  5. Hi fallen,
    Those CBR's are a great little bike. Sounds like the headstem bearings need a bit of attention. Maybe some grease and a tighten up? Should only be a five minute job for a mechanic or half an hour for you and your mates!
    Before you try it, get on your bike, do NOT start it, apply the front brakes and push down on the handlebars a few times. If you don't get that creaking noise then you can eliminate them as the source.
    If you do get the noise, apply a brief spray of RP7 (or similar) and try again. The noise may simply be generated by stiction between the fork seals and the fork leg. Remember to wipe the RP7 off afterwards as it's presence will mask any fork seal leaks.
    Try all the cheap easy fixes first before you go and rip the front end apart. A fork fluid change may be a good investment though.