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CRB250 General Maintance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by quintell, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. I've just purchased a 1990 cbr250 (import) Does anyone have any suggestions on where i might find a service manual for this bike?

  2. Where are you? If in the East/South East of Melbourne you may wish to look into 'Wheels of Time' in dandenong.
  3. Yeah I'm in S/E Melbourne
    I've just called them and they think I'll probably be only able to find a factory manual

    Has anyone got and links to a online version ?
  4. Try http://www.cr-x.org/cbr250/tuning/
  5. Thanks unfortunately the service manual there is in japanese.

    I'm prety well mechanicaly minded but this being my first bike I'm at a loss as to the location of your basics things like coolant break fluid reservoir that sort of thing.

    I've called peter stevens an am awaiting a call back from their spare parts guys.
    Here's hoping...
  6. Yeah it doent tell me where on the buke everythign is locate though.
    Guess I'll just have to start taking things appart :D

    I heard back from Peter Stevens apparently none of the manuals for the cbr250 around that time have been released in anything but japanese.

    Maybe I'll hit a local bike mechaninc up for some help.
  7. 1. always get a second opinion on info from p*t*r st*v*ns. Better still, skip the first opinion.

    2. It would seem that Honda have not released an english language manual. I gather Japan was the main market, with some going to Aus and Ireland. (You might find a Gaelic manual!).

    I understand Haynes do a manual for the 400, which is similarish.

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/1850100837/?tag=netrider-20 is said to be useful.



    If you are mechanically ept, then any reasonably modern generic motorcycle mechanics book should get you started. Maybe borrow one from the library.
  8. 1990 CBR 250

    i just joined up. quintell, i've got a '90 cbr 250 as well. if you are looking for anything in particular i might be able to help. eg. brake fluid reservoir is under the right hand side fairing as you are sitting on itjust under where your knee would be.

    my advice is just pull the fairings off and have a look around. also, if you have mates that are into bikes, especially trail bikes, they tend to do a lot of their own maintenance so they might be able to help with your servicing.
  9. Thanks I'll have a look.
    Also as far as the oil goes am I supposed to top it up through the dip stick hole ?
  10. Yes. Use a funnel to make your life much easier.
  11. I've got a CD here full of Honda manuals in PDF format. However, I think the on for the CBR250 is for more recent models up to around 1999/2000. I can check for you if interested.