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CRB-125R or YZF-R125 for a small track toy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Penny187, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Thinking about getting a little toy to take down to the Wollongong track that has a 150cc limit.

    I'm looking for something that would have the most supersport body position so I can have a go at getting the knee down and such. Don't really care about top speed or anything but I guess total package to have a bit of fun around the track.

    ATM I'm leaning toward the Honda because there are more out there for sub $2000 which is where I'm at.

  2. How about Aprillia RS 125.
    AFAIK, it's the best 125cc track bike, but with a 2 stroke engine.
  3. Have you look at the Aprilia RS125? It's more than $2000 though.
  4. Oo 'eck, chief, the tyres on those bikes look smaller than the tyre on the GP3 bikes :LOL:
  5. Agreed. Aprilia RS125 or Cagiva Mito 125. Both are 2 strokes and would be your best track weapon. The Mito looks like the Duc 916 and was the first bike Rossi rode when he won the Italian title. The RS125 has many wins in the 125cc and 250cc grand prix category. Both look awesome. Can't go wrong with either of these.

    Hard to get either for sub $2000, but for $3K-$4 and you'd be able to pick up an older model ('99-'02) no problem.
  6. I've just been notified that the wollongong track is in administration and won't be open for a while. Dang. Cheers for the info.
  7. Thats cool, gives you time to work out what bike and any mods. Might I suggest an NSR 150. Cheap to buy, cheap to mod. A couple of grand will get you one and another grand will see those other 2 bikes in your mirrors all day long