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Crazy woman trying to lane split in her car!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. This morning on the way to work I had a woman try and lane split in her car.
    I was in the right hand lane and in the left wheel track approaching a light that had just turned green. There were about 7 cars between me and the intersection.
    She came up on my right and I originally though she was going to the right-turn lane for the intersection. -no worries, I thought.

    But she continued to share my lane for what seemed like ages (300m?)
    I couldn't speed up as there was traffic still in front of me, I didn't feel safe slowing down and letting her pass as I wasn't sure what she might have done (like moving back into the cntre of the lane b4 she completely passed me etc). The whole time I was on the horn and trying to get her attention.
    She wouldn't look at me but I am sure she "knew what she was doing".

    Eventually I got to gap in the left lane and moved into it just b4 another red light.
    So I pulled up next to her and tapped on the window and signalled for her to wind it down.
    Only then did she acknowledge that she could see me and proceeded to yell and scream. (with the window still up so I couldn't hear her)

    My biggest problem is I have no idea why??
    was it that she thought I was signalling her thru cos I was in the left of my lane?
    DId she feel that I really wanted to be in the left lane anyway so she was helping me to move accross?
    Was her son killed my a motorcyclist last week and she thinks we're all scum?
    Did she just shit her pants, and is in a hurry to get home to change herself?
    Is she just a fruit loop who shouldn't be aloud to drive?

    Cos she would wind the window down, alas, I'll never know.
  2. No offence to all the politically correct people out there, but the only 'level headed' response to such an occurance is to break one of her side mirrors or dent her car panel. Only then would she atleast realise that someone was 'not happy' with her- and upon a couple more days of pondering she may just realise that she was screaming and yelling at someone she nearly killed.

    Yet another reason to lane filter.
  3. Yeah I had a woman do the same to me during a merge in Ringwood somewhere. And she was looking at me the whole time. I looked back at her for a while, realised she wasn't going anywhere, shrugged and zipped off down the centre line til I found a place I felt safe.
  4. Maybe she forgot to take her meds this morning... :roll:

    The number of posts about drivers behaving in an insane or homicidal manner is beginning to bother me, to be honest. I've never experienced anything like this, and I wonder how much longer my luck can hold out!
  5. I had a similar issue, although not as dramatic.

    Was riding up to a large roundabout out here on the Westernport Hwy. Was waiting behind a truck up ahead because the truck had to turn slightly to get onto the road-about, so way to dangerous to lane-split it. Sitting in the middle of my lane, and notice out of the corner of my eye this ~55yo guy in his family car with the wife on board trying to lane split me. Thing is though, he had no where to go, and actually had to drive up onto the median strip in order to do it, because I was situated in the middle of the lane.

    I flipped up the visor, turned around and gave him the hard stare, and he continued doing it.

    In the end the truck went, I took off, and the guy in the car bumped down off the median strip and proceeded to do the roundabout normally anyway.

    I have no idea what he was trying to achieve, other than perhaps trying to be a smartarse, and be dangerous at the same time.
  6. I have had this happen a few times ....

    Some people seem to think that we only need about 1m of lane...

    I remember thinking "I wonder if he thinks he is just paying me back"
  7. I seriously thought about it at the time.

    I was worried that if I kick the passanger door I would go flying in the other direction!

    This was the 1st time it has happened to me. Only other times have been people genuinely not seeing me etc, and they have acknowledge their mistake with a wave or such.
  8. Freaky, I saw something like this last night...

    Getting a lift home from my boss in the cage, in the left lane of a 2 lane each way road coming up to a T-intersection where the left lane has to turn left and the rigth lane has to turn right (North end of Penshurst Rd for the Sydneysiders).

    Virago happily cruising along in the right lane when suddenly this female P Plater in a bloody Mirage comes flying up from behind and overtakes him across the double white lines and turns right just as the lights go red. Virago rider waving and signalling furiously...

    Here's the best bit: then the Virago rider decides to turn left from the right lane, squeezing into a non-existent spot about 3 cars in front of us...

    Goes to show you can be a victim and a bloody idiot at the same time...
  9. I think of all the possable asnswers you were more than lightly right with the "shit her pants" sanerio. Thats why she wouldnt roll down her window so as not to offend you with the pungent smell of the choclate submerine she had launched in her knickers two sets of lights ealrier as some guys on an R1 lane split passed her at mach 1 and gave such a fright that her recktom prolapsed.
  10. Well, you evil biker you, it's only what you deserve!
    Since you no longer have the right to share a lane, she had every right to force you off the road because nobody's specifically banned HER from trying to share YOUR lane!
  11. ...and to think. If this lane-splitting ban came into force, the biker would be the one that is at fault...always.
  12. Weeee allllll live in a chocolate submarine....
  13. like others say nothing like a boot into the side of her car then just twist the wrist and split off.....

    if someone tries to move into my lane i consider that the same as running into the side of my car=boot no difference except, my property doesn't get damged and they have a reminder not to try that again.
  14. Was she a blonde? Perhaps she thinks that bikes (including motorbikes) should give way to cars :p
  15. Carry an extendable batton on your bike. You should have tapped a little harder on her window and hurled a shitload of abuse at that idiot.
  16. Very possibly. A few years ago a friend was cleaned up in Latrobe Street by a woman entering the carriage way from a high rise car park. There was a Keep Clear zone marked on the road. Her excuse to him was "there was a keep clear zone, you should keep clear of me".
  17. i had in interesting incident myself on the way home from the city early this morning..

    just got off the spirit.. on the way home over the west gate.. alot of trucks on the road.. one of them tried to squash me, and nearly took the front of the bike off.. i could probably have reached out and touched the rear of it if i wasnt on the brakes..

    and the second incident.. my first big scare.. first hoppers exit.. some car turns to go in.. im in the middle lane passing a van in the left lane.. car that went into exit suddently pulls back out in front of the van that i was next to, it was probably doign about 40 when it reentered the highway.. the van jumped on the brakes, by this stage i was at the front of the van... dropped it back to 4th to try and get out of the vans way to give it some room to move, and as i look back.. the idiot in the car had pulled into my lane about 1/2 a second after i passed.. i wonder if he would have kept going if i was still there..
    i shook my head and moved over into the lefthand lane.. went slow to see if he would drive past but her must have bene going hell slow cause i turned off intot he second exit and he hadent passed me..
  18. Nah, but she was fugly
  19. why dont we start a thred about bad drivers and post there plates
  20. This makes me want to post about almost getting completely wiped out turning right on a single carriageway.

    A Maxima came flying up from behind me at 200+ k's, I remember looking behind me before indicating, then was leaning into turn, then WHOOSH! The car came flying up on my right hand side, over the painted island and double white lines in the middle of the road (it was a RH turn lane out of the way of the LHS normal way).

    Missed me by about 1cm, and he kept going. I got his plate, car type, and I'll endouver to see seek out this car and vandalise it. It's a small town.