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crazy woman tried to reverse over me! woot. kursed survives.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. farkin hell. what a night I had.
    left the house, jumped on the bike and it wouldn't start, gave it a min, and off she fires. Should have left it when it didn't want to move.

    So I get to the other side of the block on bunn st in pyrmont, turning left into pyrmont road (right out front of the fire station) when a magna comes screaming backwards from behind the row of cars parked on the left as I was coming around them - to find me leant over totally not expecting a car to be coming BACKWARDS at 30km/h down a one way street.

    I am not exactly sure what I did, no doubt I grabbed a fistful of front brake and kissed pavement before she connected with me, which she narrowly avoided doing. The sound of my panels screaming against the rough embrace of the bitumen must have made her check that mirror...

    She freaked out a bit, made some excuses about looking for a park, but she was past the last car in the line and still reversing with no where else to go for a park. She was obviously trying to avoid going down the one way st. she had got stuck in.

    Swapped details and all that jazz, and I wheeled my recently painted, now depainted, bike home.

    Top it off some tool in a 4wd had the hide to beep at me while I was moving the bike. I contained the fist of vengeance, barely.

    Girl freaked out, I kissed my gloves that abso-fuggin-lutely saved my hands from some serious damage, and got a quote....

    $1576 to repair.

    My insurance company suggested I would have been better off to hit her and it will be very hard to see anything out of her.


    I hope tomorrow is better :)
  2. Ahhh, not your beautiful bike. sad to hear it mate. if she admitted fault then surely your insurance company can argue that she caused the accident. that really sucks.

    does the bike run? whats broken/needs fixing?

    im loving the road rules at the moment hehe heres the part on reversing pretty blunt that she wasnt following the rules.
  3. :shock: FARK there's so many d*ckheads out there!
    +1 on the glove love, cant understand people not wearing them or taking the risk... :?
    It's hard to look at the silver lining when it's pissin w rain, but at least ur ok
  4. Go down to the cop shop and get her charged. You may be in a better position if you end up in court... it does depend if you can actually get it into evidence cos a criminal prosecution aint a civil one. But it wont hurt. You will feel better. And you can say to the insurance company "She was charged"
  5. Hey Luke, sorry to hear about your down mate. At least your ok though mate. Your bike can be repaired, or even up dated :wink: like you have been thinking!!
  6. It's allowable evidence. You can admit (relevant) criminal charges into a civil action.
    I agree. Get her charged and then push the insurance issue. Her actions caused your accident, she should be liable.
    Start the process by sending her a letter of demand.
  7. Re: crazy woman tried to reverse over me! woot. kursed survi

    you can tell they don't ride...
    Take a slide or hit a vehicle heading in your direction... is there a choice?
  8. tell me about it. will see what happens with the letter of demand my insurance company is sending her now.
  9. Yeah true. I was remembering that its possible to win the criminal case and lose the civil one... Although the opposite is more likely.