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Crazy Scooterist

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Siro, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Interesting story I thought I'd share with you all... Tonight I went out and joined my mate on his paper delivery run through the North Haven area, we went down a dead end street and it was pretty close to the Police Academy.

    When we got to the end, just before doing a U-Turn I peeked forward and noticed that on the other side of the guard rails was a bit of a steep drop through loose dirt before getting to the road below. If I remember later I'll ask my mate what street it was again... Anyhow as we did the U-Turn I noticed coming towards us, heading toward the drop was a scooter without the headlight on, and I raised an eyebrow and said "Oh yeah, whats going on here?"

    Noticing the car following it that turned out to be a police cruiser without its dome lights on... when the scooter got closer I noted the rider had no helmet on, but the pillion did. I suddenly understood the police prescense and we proceeded to watch the scooter ride through the gap in the guard rails and make its way down the descent, as the police cruiser had to stop and then after a few seconds reversed.

    Dumbfounded I said to my mate "Uhhh... Did my eyes not deceive me... A scooter just outran a police cruiser?" and his reply "Yep, seems so"

    I found myself with a mix of emotions then, I saw the funny side of it... but I'm also really disappointed in the riders lack of respect for his pillion, scooters don't have really big wheels and I don't think they are made for dirt, quite easily the front wheel could have dug into the ground and thrown them both. I was also infurated at the thought that through his own lack of responsibility by not wearing a helmet he was running a big risk of being seriously injured or killed if hit hard enough in the head...

    I was pretty tempted to hurl a paper at the rider if we came across them again.