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crazy roommates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by damov, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I asked my roommate to move out 2 weeks ago, becuase I needed the space for my business to work from home. She went balistic started screaming and shaking, was saying that I was trying to f*@k up her life etc. (No I didnt sleep with her and never would too ugly)

    Anyway she moves out today and doesnt leave the keys! I call her and she just hangs up. Then doesnt answer her phone when I call back. So I text her and she replies that I should pay half the removalist fee or change the locks. I tell her I aint paying sh#t she can just return the keys.

    So my question to this 90210 physco drama is can i report the stupid twat to the police so I can get the keys back or should I just change the locks?

    Oh by the way she is in her mid 30's! Think you would grow up by then hey.
  2. was it a case of "you have to go now sorry" or... "you have a month to move out... im sorry... but my business is expanding..."

    could always call the police and ask them :) they're usually good when you're reporting bad stuff... it just sucks when you're the bad stuff...
  3. You could report it to the cops, but if she denied having the keys - then came back to your place and stole your stuff they'd have a hard time chasing it up. Think changing the locks is probably the best option - it's not that expensive if you do it yourself.
  4. Yeah it was "you have a month to move out... im sorry... but my business is expanding and I am dead sick of working out of my room"

    Yeah might just give the fuzz a call cant hurt.
  5. Cops wont do shit. "it's a civil matter"

    Much easier to just change the locks. Easy job depending on the door hardware.
  6. oooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr

    get a restraining order quick stix!!!!!

    THEN the cops jump

    *evil cackle*
  7. Ring the coppers and tell them you've just shot the woman that use to ive in your house. They will be around before you can put the phone down. Any othe way and they will not give a s h i t
  8. just change the locks damov.... easiest, cheapest, most stress free solution... you can then sleep in peace knowing that she CANT get back in...

    Very unlikely that the police will act/want to get involved... they are usually too be busy chasing serious criminals anyway..

  9. Yeah, sitting under bridges picking off people for doing 5km/h over the limit
  10. I dunno . I can see the other side to this one. She is under pressure at work. BF has ditched her. The car/bike is broke. She has just paid a gym membership to the gym just down the road and all of a sudden the guy she is renting from wants her out.

    He aint helping her move or find somewhere else. Is just critisising her looks. And he aint no movie star himself :) And she just moved the bed out herself while he sat on the couch and watched telly.

    Just saying we might not be hearing a totally unbiased account here guys.
  11. If its his place, he doesnt need a good reason to ask her to leave... If she is ugly, well thats a good reason for her arse to be on the street. Next time, get a hot female uni student and invite me around for a beer ! :D
  12. Yeah it is my place and as a matter of fact I was watching the tv as if I would help the crazy B#tch! lol

    I offered her 4 weeks to move out, legally I only needed to do 2. I also offered to help her move at the time I asked her to leave and she went crazy and refused.

    She even said to me "is you business more important than me" and I answered with "am yes".
  13. Hmmmmm Warm and caring fella's. Sheesh I must be a much nicer bloke than I thought I was.

  14. If she is just being a wacko she is probably holding the keys just to rattle your chain.
    If she truly has evil intentions, then she could just as easily duplicate the keys then return them.

    So getting them back doesn't really give you piece of mind...
    I say We take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.
    It's the only way to be sure.
    oops sorry wrong speach.
    I say change the locks.
  15. lol yeah it is the only way to be sure! I am a huge aliens, nice one falcon-lord.

    yeah going to change it myself today. I think I might be able to bring it to a locks place and just get the barrel changed - like $20 :)
  16. A Better bet.
    Send her the bill for the locks.
    She probably wont pay it, but tell her it is how much it has cost you because she didn't return the key
  17. Been in this situation before, turns out you can get new barrals for the locks at bunnings for $6 each, cheapest and best solution all round, and you end up with something to talk about with new housemates for years to come !!
  18. Are you certain you didn't marry her some stage? All the clues are there...

    1. She hoped that she meant more to you than work
    2. You weren't having sex
    3. You sat on the couch while she moved furniture
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: PRICELESS :applause:
  20. My sister and her man took on 2 teenage firls as housemates, they were in trouble and no where to live kind of thing. Well needless to say they found out why they had nowhere to live. Drugs, stealing that kind of shit, well they kicked em out, and they didnt hand the keys in. and they changed the locks straight away that night they came back and tried to get in with the keys they kept, they tried for ages. lol silly girls. tried till the police arrived.
    Dont know what happend to them though.