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Crazy rider sightings -=-

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by i.d.g.a.f, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. driving (in a cage....oh the shame) to brisbane from toowoomba the day before christmas along the warrego highway (near laidley).

    and what do i see.

    an idiot on a faired sports bike (went past way to quick for me to see what it was, looked like a newish faired bike. gsxr, cbr1000 etc) doing a wheelie along an empty stretch of highway infront of him. wearing nothing but a helmet singlet stubby shorts and thongs.


    hopefully it wasnt a member of netrider
  2. that was me :evil:

    :LOL: nar, i at least wear my moccies, my toes are WAY too delicate to work the shifer in thongs :oops:
  3. I think the stubby shorts alone can rule out any Netrider members :p

    Please don't anyone tell me ya wear stubbies....I don't really wanna know :LOL:
  4. Could I coin a new term for this type of rider??
    How about "squid-iot" :p

  5. he was also going about 2x the speed limit or more (80km/h zone). and it was a really windy day, and the bike was visibly swaying in the wind.

    these are the types of people that give ALL bike riders a bad name.

    lets just say if he ended up smeared along a kilometer of asphalt and his pretty sportsbike was torn into as many bits as it was made from. it wouldnt be a loss.

    guys i know doing wheelies, stoppies, burnouts etc etc etc is fun. but dont do it on public roads in the view of cagers. it just gives them more reason to hate us.

    (not implying that any of you do that kinda stuff, but hey we're probably all guilty)

    track days, closed/quiet roads are the place for stunting. not open highway where not only can you cause serious harm to yourself but to others as well.
  6. That's interesting. I thought you wouldn't g.a.f....?
  7. idgaf

    I DO !
  8. At age 22 I use to every day :LOL: and twice on Sundays :LOL: :LOL: