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Crazy pedestrian

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Think I witnessed the Darwin award winner of pedestrians this morning.

    Riding down St Kilda road towards the city. A woman pushing a pram with child, laden with shopping on top tries to beat the lights in somewhat of a hurry.

    In the process, the shopping drops at the curb whilst she's on the move at which point she does the most mental thing I have ever seen.

    She leaves the pram in the middle of an intersection (lights green with traffic appoaching) to recove the dropped items! :shock: WTF!!

    I had to emergency brake, along with about half a dozen cars to avoid the pram.

    Her response after receiveing multiple horn blasts, was a curtious two fingered salute followed by a tirade of profanity!

    What class, I pity the poor kid :cry:
  2. Old woman? Pram? St Kilda Rd?

    Dare I say there was no child in that pram. More likely the womans home contents and belongings.

    Either way, you should run it over just to teach her a lesson! :grin: :bolt:
  3. Hey, do you know her! :p
  4. I wish is was empty mate! :shock:
    Stopped about 2 meters from it, definately a child in there!

    But that doll is an uncanny resemblance! :shock: :p
  5. :rofl: What a stoooopid biatch
  6. I had a similar situation, but the lady just took far too long to cross a road and she didn't look at oncoming traffic. I didn't want to blast my horn because it'd probably upset the kid.
  7. Really have to wonder where these people picked up common sense, like.. Do they not teach reason in schools anymore :\!
  8. I also love how some people pushing prams will approach a parked van or the like which they can't see around and edge out with the pram in front to see if there is anything coming! :shock: Where is the thought process here? Is the pram sacrificial if anything IS coming?

    This seems to normally happen within 20m of a set of lights or a pedestrian crossing as well.