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Crazy new rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Deus Lucem, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I completed my pre-learner course on Thursday, Knowledge test on Friday, checked out bikes on Saturday bought a bike yesterday and then rode it home from one side of Sydney to the other (just over an hour ride in off peak traffic).

    Admittedly I probably should have got one of my mates to ride it back to my place or got it towed but I think I was a little to eager to play with my new toy! Fortunately, I didn't drop the bike, crash into anything or do anything else silly.

    The bike is a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Special Edition...and I do like it :happy:
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  2. Nothing like a baptism of fire to get you started, well done.
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  3. Effiency. Well done on the ride home.
  4. Welcome. It's just plain silly to get someone else to ride your new bike. It takes that new bike 1st ride away from you.

  5. Welcome on board. You will not be alone with the Ninj, they're a pretty popular choice on here.
  6. Welcome. No fcuking around, thats how it ought to be.

    Come for a ride sometime, noobs are welcome.
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  7. Well done Deus! Get those initial jitters well and truly beaten. Ride safe and enjoy that bike!
  8. Welcome and well done.