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Crazy new powered 2 wheeler.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ._., Sep 12, 2012.

  1. It looks like a POS car with 2 wheels missing.

    No thanks.
  2. Well theres two thirds of a Reliant Robin
  3. I'd take the bird at 1:28, thats it.
  4. Brilliant! I'd have one. Not as a replacement for the bike, but an alternative to ever owning a car, especially if it could seat two. It would be a great commuter (the open and geared-up aspect of commuting by bike is a pain in many respects, despite its virtues) and great for taking the wife out on weekend drives (she looks forward to the day she doesn't have to wear a helmet on a day out).
  5. Definitely on the money there matt, better than a car because you can garage it and still have lots of bikes all fit in.
  6. Buy a 2 seater sports car, it'd be a bit more fun on the open road than an electric bike with a roof.

    Oh and you might find the in Australia it'd be considered a bike so therefore a helmet must be worn....
  7. They could have really put some thought into the name.

    "C-1 lit", really? (remove the spaces and then look at the shape of it - you'll see what I mean)
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  8. hahaahaha, that's funny.
  9. Nah, I love quirky little cars, all those little things that once got around the Uk and the Continent. I classify this in that range.

    Maybe a helmet would be necessary, but maybe by the time I bought one (when the cost came down) law might have accounted for this differently. I assume it would have lots of airbags etc. At worst, the problem would still be essentially overcome - pudding basins loosely strapped on would do the job and feel a whole lot better (as I know from experience, but anything over 60 in the open air and the pudding basin becomes uncomfortable).
  10. I suppose as a novelty, but I suspect the novelty would wear off pretty quickly.
  11. No, what were you going to say.
  12. I don't think so. De gustibus non est disputandum.
  13. Crazy? No. New? No. Powered 2 wheeler? Yes.

    1 out of 3 aint bad!
  14. true.
  15. I applaud the work of the engineers but either drive a car or ride a bike..
  16. cant really imagine it being much safer than a motorcycle to be honest, it has no crumple zones what so ever. Same goes for the gyros, great you cant push it over (maybe) but still, the impact will occur and i really cant imagine it has very good side impact safety.
  17. Does that mean we'll all be told how wonderful it is but will never actually be able to find one?
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  18. Electric
    0-100 km/h 6 Secs
    Top speed 160 km/h
    Range Up to 360 klm
    Stabilized with gyro technology
    Target price $12-16K

    As the CEO says "it's like a motorbike but you are riding in your helmet!"

    I like it.