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Crazy Melb wind dropped my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Layzie, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. The wind in Melb is going off right now. It pushed my bike and other bikes and scooters on the parking bay to the floor!!

  2. Yes it has picked up and is shifting around to the south west so should start to get cooler. Gusting to 60 - 70km/h

    Any damage to your bike?
  3. Nothing big.. just added a few scratches to the tank and mirrors. and it ripped my L plates off the zip ties lol. So L plates are gone.
    I moved the bike and positioned it the other way so that the wind is pushing it against the kick stand. Although it was initially on its centre stand.. I'll remember not to put it on centre stand next time its blowing 70km/h winds!
  4. Just went down to check mine.....still upright thank goodness.
  5. I thought I felt the building shake a bit just then. Gosh I hope my bike is still upright
  6. Should be a fun ride home over the Westgate tonight and out on the open western plains!
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  7. Riding around in the centre of Hobart in the middle of the day was somewhat interesting. The weather bureau recorded an 83 kmh gust around then.
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  8. That's bad...Hope you get it sorted out soon.

    I just checked mine as well...thankfully all ok.
  9. Saw photos on Facebook of a few bikes domino'd over.

    Constantly ask myself, if I saw that, would I help the bikes up... Or should I leave it? It's painful to see.
  10. No good. Glad the damage is minimal. I went and checked on mine at lunch and it was okay then, the wind around here appears to have dropped off a little now though.
  11. If the wind's to blame, definitely shouldn't. Continuing to snooze will do way less harm than getting righted then blown over again after you've walked away.
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  12. What you need is some moto gp inspired winglets.The wind will slip rite over it.
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  13. Yeah I was wondering about the parked bikes on my way home.

    Good on the pushy though, hit 70km/h a couple of times, needed to take it easy so I wasn't caught speeding on the way home!
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  14. 36 degrees and crazy winds......worst commute to work so far
  15. Mine copped a little hit by a falling pallet. Not too much damage, just a little scratch on the exhausts that no-one else would notice.
    Riding at lunchtime was like being sandblasted.
  16. Unfortunately, my bike was one of the ones plastered over FB.. 200+kg bike resting on an uphill slope and pushed over. Damage to engine cover, scratched fairings, bent clip-on and because it fell onto another bike's side stand, it's mangled to top of my tank. NOT HAPPY JAN!
  17. Some pics of the carnage out the front of work.. Had a mate help me lift my bike off the other and picked up the scooter lying in the bus lane. Wasn't game to stand any of the others back up as the wind was still howling and would have just blown them over again.

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  18. man that sucks
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  19. Hey i parked my bike there too. Mine was more to the left, your shots just missed it.
    Fcuk! The wind gave your bike a bad beating. Sorry mate.

    What time did you take those photos? I went down around 1.30 and didn't see that bike on the road but quite a few including mine was leaning against the posts.
  20. These were about ten mins beforehand. Mine and the scooter we moved round the corner out of the wind (where they park the pushies) after getting security "clearance" of course.

    Contacted insurance today, too much damage to be out of pocket for repairs I'd reckon..
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